Hibernate Development Environment

Hibernate Development Environment
Obtain Hibernate


Locate the Download link in the left navigational bar. Click it to bring up the download page.

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Download compressed file & extract it.

Add Hibernate’s dependencies to the classpath; they’re distributed along with Hibernate in the lib/ directory.

Add hibernate3.jar into classpath.

Hibernate requires a single runtime configuration file and one mapping document for each application object to be persisted.

Hibernate doesn’t require a special container in order to function. Hibernate can be used in any application environment, from standalone applications to enterprise application servers.

Hibernate provides a SQL abstraction layer called the Hibernate Query Language (HQL). HQL strongly resembles SQL, with object property names taking the place of table columns.

Add the database driver

Even Hibernate needs a database driver to access a database. Open the project properties, click on “Java Build Path”, select “Add External Jars” and add your database driver. If you use PostgreSQL you can find your database driver on download postgres driver.  if you use MySQL have a look here.

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