SaaS Trends in 2012

SaaS Trends

       SaaS ERP will slowly gain further traction

       Big Data and increasing adoption of tools like Hadoop made BI and Analytics.

       Collaboration and Social tools

       Integration services as a crucial part of IT buying checklist

       Adoption of services will be by informal (mid-market, SMB) buyer

       SaaS applications beyond CRM, human resources and procurement technologies, and into business process technologies for tasks like payroll and billing, healthcare claims processing, trade settlements, clinical data management and tech support.

       Forrester is predicting this category will grow from $21.21 B in 2011 to $132.57B in 2020

       Software-as-a-service (SaaS) explodes, expands, and combines

       Mobile SaaS

       Application specific Communities

       Software as a Service builds on email and collaboration and expands towards line of business applications and IT infrastructure

       Many organizations already employ SaaS providers, and numbers will only increase in 2012 as companies come to recognize the disadvantages of on-site software. As a result, companies are likely to make their SaaS options more secure and more customizable.

       As cloud infrastructure becomes standard, users are seeking more complex application development in the cloud. This year, applications are likely to become more common and to feature more capabilities.

       Customers seek more value from cloud services, the dominant cloud business model will move away from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and toward Software as a Service (SaaS)

       The adoption of Cloud Computing/Saas and related technologies will accelerate in 2012 and encompass increased adoption by SMB companies.

       Human Resource Management and Client Relationship Management (CRM) are operational areas which increasing numbers of companies will move into the Cloud in 2012.

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