Trends For Cloud Service Providers and Traditional IT Vendors in 2012

Cloud Service Providers
  • Emphasis on Cloud Security
  • Governance and compliance will gain more visibility
  • Emphasis on High Availability, stronger SLAs with better coverage for liabilities, managed support services, etc. Features like HA, Strong SLAs, etc. will become standard features in any infrastructure offering.
  • Sales, delivery and support models to target larger SMB customers
  • Cloud Computing Will Grow Quickly in China.
  • North American Midsize Businesses Cite Cloud Intentions
  • Cloud Investments Not a Priority for Majority of Enterprises” respectively
  • The cloud storage market is also evolving rapidly.
  • Amazon will extend its lead over others with the most comprehensive offering on IaaS – competitors will try to carve out their own niche.
  • Microsoft will do just enough on office suite to keep competition at bay
  • Increased integration among cloud offerings, network services and user devices.
  • Explicit recognition of and support for federation of service elements among various cloud providers.
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Traditional IT vendors

  • Aggressive acquisition strategy by CA, VMware, Redhat, Dell, etc.
  • Traditional webhosts repositioning themselves as cloud infrastructure providers
  • Traditional enterprise collaboration vendors embracing clouds
  • Virtualization is growing both within internal data centers

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