Cloud Computing Daily Updates – 17th Sep 2012

I have started this series to provide daily INTERESTING updates ONLY on Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Cloud Deployment Models (Public CLoud, Private Cloud, hybrid Cloud), Cloud Security, Cloud Governance, Big Data, Virtualization, Cloud Management etc.


The DNA of Cloud Security | SOA World Magazine
Just like the Boston Red Sox and lo-cal deserts and hybrid cars, everybody loves a bandwagon. We get caught up in the hype. Business concepts are not immune.

Cisco Unveils New Security Products for Cloud-Based Data Centers
Repost This. Image Credit: redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online. In an effort to help boost performance and better protect virtualized and cloud-based data centers, Cisco Systems announced on Wednesday

Amazon Web Services Adds SQL Server to its Cloud Portfolio
CIO India
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made it possible to connect to its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service using static routing, while also allowing enterprises to run SQL Server within the private cloud, the company said on Thursday.

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012
“[Windows Server 2012] is a true cloud operating system… it is a comprehensive enablement of private cloud and data centres,” said Samer Abu-Ltaif, general manager, Microsoft Gulf.

Gartner Defines What Private Cloud Isn’t | Channelnomics
Gartner outlines 5 key points about the private cloud to differentiate between what the private cloud is and is not.

Your Business Can Benefit From A Private Cloud
Many large and small businesses can benefit from the use of a private cloud. The term simply refers to a ‘cloud’ structure that has been constructed specifically for the use of just one business or organization and is safeguarded securely

Cloud Security Breaches Trends In The USA |
Startling facts on cloud security breaches in the USA.

Cloud Computing in the Supply Chain
Supply Chain Digital
Often people interchange the term cloud computing with SaaS, however these terms mean different things. If you use a SaaS-based application, you don’t have to worry about building an infrastructure for the software.

Private Cloud Going Strong, Public Cloud to Hit $100BN by 2016
Renub Research’s ”Private Cloud Computing Market & Forecast to 2015: Worldwide Analysis“ report shows that application virtualization tools are leading the private cloud segment and account for 37 percent of the market.

Selecting the right cloud architecture
Defense Systems
Private clouds can ensure that stringent security requirements are met for critical applications.

Private Clouds | RightScale
Build fully automated private clouds with RightScale for more efficient provisioning of virtual machines, networking resources, storage and more.

Cloud Security Alliance Launches Effort to Tackle Big Data Challenges
Midsize Insider
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a nonprofit partnership of about 100 major tech companies (including Google, Adobe, AT&T, and Fujitsu) appears to be the most active organization working to address these concerns.


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