Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in 2 Minutes

Amazon EC2 – It is a web service which provides compute capability that can be scaled up or down (Elastic) based on demand.

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  • Virtual computing environment
  • On demand
  • Self Service Portal
  • Free usage tier for one year
  • Credit card is must
  • Complete control on your resources – root access
  • Faster acquisition of compute resources – within minutes
  • Elastic infrastructure which can be scaled up and down
  • Pay as you go billing model
  • Tools to build highly available and failure safe applications
  • Supports multiple OS
  • Preconfigured Amazon Machine Images for easy and quick deployment
  • Configuration of network and security access to customers
  • Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.95% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region
  • web service interfaces to configure firewall settings
  • Amazon VPC – isolated compute resources; access allowed using industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN
  • Instances
    • On demand – Pay by hour
    • Reserved – Onetime payment – huge discounts (Light, Medium and Heavy Utilization instances) and available for 1 or 3 year terms
    • Spot – Bidding on unused capacity of Amazon instances
    • Highly reliable persistent storage – EBS – replicated in single availability zone. 1) Standard volumes 2) Provisioned IOPS volumes
    • EBS-Optimized instances enable Amazon EC2 instances to fully utilize the IOPS provisioned on an EBS volume
  • AWS Regions and Availability Zones

    AWS Regions and Availability Zones

  • Static IP addresses designed for dynamic cloud computing
  •  Amazon VPC – secure and seamless bridge between a company’s existing IT infrastructure and the AWS cloud
  • Monitoring for AWS cloud resources and applications – Utilization, Performance, demand patterns (CPU Utilization, disk reads and writes), Statistics, Graphs, Alarms
  • Autoscaling – enabled by Amazon CloudWatch and available at no additional charge beyond Amazon CloudWatch fees
  • Elastic load balancing
  • HPC Clusters
  • Virtual Machine import export facility
  • High IO instances
  • AWS Marketplace – Online store
  • Amazon EC2 Instance types

    Amazon EC2 Instance types

  • Amazon EC2 - Supported OS and Softwares

    Amazon EC2 – Supported OS and Softwares

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