Free Download – The Secure Cloud: Best Practices for Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing is a transformational new way of delivering and paying for IT
services. It is revolutionizing delivery models, enabling companies to make step
changes in IT agility, to re-engineer their business processes, and revolutionize forever
the way that they use applications and interact with consumers and other companies.

A high-level roadmap to implement security best practice consists of the
following phases:
• Conduct a full risk assessment
• Secure your own information and identities
• Implement a secure and strong governance framework

With a robust risk-assessment process, set of security controls, and governance
framework in place, you’ll be both reducing risk as you take your fi rst step
into cloud, and at the forefront of capitalizing on emerging technologies and
upcoming standards in cloud computing. This three-part approach to security is
also forward compatible: It lets you evolve over time to maintain your protection
without disruption, whatever the future holds.


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