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Cloud Computing Daily Updates – 3rd Sep 2012

I have started this series to provide daily INTERESTING updates ONLY on Cloud Computing,

Deploy Java Web Application on CloudSwing Open PaaS in Linux For You

Cloud Computing Daily Updates – 31st Aug 2012

I have started this post to provide daily INTERESTING updates ONLY on Cloud Computing,

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud

Availability and the Cloud

Availability and the Cloud - “By 2012, 20 percent of businesses will own no IT

NIST’s Definition of Cloud Computing MindMap

My First Attempt at Cloud Computing MindMap…More to Come with Better understanding!!! Related articles

Application Security and Cloud Service Models

Application security is very dependent on how the application is presented to the user

Challenges of Public Cloud Adoption and its Impact

Challenges of Public Cloud Adoption Security:Security of most public clouds currently available has been

Amazon CloudSearch-Information Retrieval as a Service

The idea of using computers to search for relevant pieces of information was popularized

Vertical Cloud Computing

A vertical market or vertical or vertical industry is a group of alike businesses

VMware and Microsoft Private Cloud’s Licensing and Pricing

VMware and Microsoft Private Cloud - As per NIST’s definition, Cloud computing is a model

NIST-Federal Cybersecurity Guidelines Now Cover Cloud Computing, Mobility

Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations The National Institute of

FAQs on Cloud Computing

FAQs on Cloud Computing 1.1          What is Cloud Computing? Why is it relevant for

Amazon Simple Workflow Service and Microsoft System Center

Orchestration -Amazon Simple Workflow Service and Microsoft System Center 2012 – Orchestrator Orchestration Orchestration

Trends for Cloud Customers in 2012

Cloud Customers  Most enterprises still enter into contracts to use IaaS services. User’s attitudes

Trends For Cloud Service Providers and Traditional IT Vendors in 2012

Cloud Service Providers Emphasis on Cloud Security Governance and compliance will gain more visibility

Cloud Computing Adoption Concerns

Cloud Computing Adoption Concerns Security Compliance Certification schemes will take time to emerge. Confidentiality

Cloud Adoption in India

Cloud Adoption in India and its near future: The adoption of cloud-based applications and

General Cloud Computing Trends in 2012

Cloud Computing Trends –      Security is the number-one cloud quality of service (QoS) concern.

PaaS BPaaS IaaS Trends in 2012

PaaS •       More startups in the PaaS space focusing on different language stacks because

Private Cloud Trends in 2013

Private Cloud Trends Forrester forecasts the market for private cloud solutions will grow from

Trends in Cloud Computing 2012

Public Cloud Trends in 2012 Private Cloud Trends in 2012 Hybrid Cloud Trends in 2012 SaaS Trends

Public Cloud Trends in 2013

Forrester forecasts the market will grow from $25.5 billion in 2011 to $159.3 billion

Recent Trends in Cloud Services Adoption

Trends in Cloud Services The cloud is also a world with various layers and Tutorial is a cloud computing platform as a service offering from Salesforce, the first

Cloud Predictions 2013

Cloud Predictions for 2013 Public Cloud: Ostrich mentality in cloud adoption will no longer

Real World Applications for Private Cloud

Real World Applications for Private Cloud Private Cloud introduces a new architecture that might

Communications and Collaboration tools with Cloud Computing

Typical requirements, characteristics of Communications and Collaboration tools within enterprises Today’s business realities force companies

Cloud Computing and Knowledge Management

According to, Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used

Cloud Computing and Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management PPM attempts to spotlight on an elementary question: “Should organization