How to Compress Videos with Movavi Video Converter

Large videos can take up a lot of spaces on your hard disk leaving you with no more space to store other types of files. If you want to keep these video files on your computer, you will have to compress them into a format that is smaller size. If you often upload videos and share them on video sharing sites, you should get a video conversion software so that you can compress the videos. If you don’t compress your video, it is going to take much longer to have the video uploaded. It is not recommend to upload the videos without compressing it first because anything could happen when you are uploading and cause you to have to reupload the video file all over again.

movavi video converter

For this reason, you need to get a video converter software like Movavi Video Converter which comes with the essential features for you to convert your videos into many different types of formats to reduce their sizes. Converting a video file with Movavi Video Converter is very easy. All you need to do is to add the video file and select the Convert To preset list to choose a suitable file format. There are a few video formats that can help you to reduce video size including FLV, MP4, and WMV.

Movavi Video Converter is one of the leading video converter software that allows you to convert video files with lossless quality. There are 3 simple steps you need to follow when converting the video files. The first step is to add the videos. You must make sure that the video you want to convert is already on your computer hard disk. You can drag the video into the software or use the Add Videos button to add the videos. You can select multiple video files and drag them into the software. Movavi Video Converter will only convert the video files that you have already checked so you must not forget to check the checkboxes of the video files that you want to convert.

Movavi Video Converter comes with extra features such as crop, rotate and trim tool. The crop tool allows you to crop parts that you don’t want the audience to see. Cropping the video can also help to reduce the video size. You can use the trimming tool to cut only the clip that you want from the video. In this way, the video length will be shorter which results in a smaller output video file. If the video look dark, you can adjust the brightness to improve the video’s lighting.

In Movavi Video Converter, there is a feature that allows you to add subtitles. If you don’t want the subtitles, you can also remove it from the video. Movavi Video Converter can be run on computers that run Windows as well as Mac computers that rely on iOS operating system. It is just a small investment and you will be able to compress as many videos as you want into any format you want.

How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education

How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education

Studying is quite a difficult process, which involves acquiring knowledge and operating tons of information. There are many useful tips to help students be smarterand make the process of getting their educations easier. One of them is to organize the materials related to their studies wisely and create the backup files.The best way to do so would be to use a cloud storage.

Why Cloud Storages Are So Helpful for Students

Getting lots of homework, modern students need some space where they could store all the books they have to study, documents with department’s requirements as for the tasks they should write, the papers they have already written, and terabits of other kinds of material. Getting a cloud space for that isan option because:

  • You can store anything.
    There arevarious types of files that you can store online, which includes not only text documents but also media files like videos, audios, presentations, pictures, and so on. Every cloud space providerhas different plans. The ones that are offered for free usually don’t involve dozens of gigabytes, so you will have to pay for extra space if you need more. Yet, some services provide up to 50GB of free storage. Moreover, if it’s still not enough for you, buying a certain price plan won’t cost you a lot of money.
  • You can access your files from anywhere.
    The reason many students use cloud storage services is the possibility to reach the necessary files not only from a personal computer but also from other computers as well as tablets and smartphones. Imagine that you have written a brilliant essay. You save it on your USB flash drive in order to print it out on your way to classes, but when you come, you realize that you have forgotten the drive at home. What a disappointment. Having that essay hosted at an online storage, you will be able to access it from any device, print it out, and successfully submit to your teacher or professor.
  • You can arrange all your files properly.
    A cloud storage service, or as it’s also called a file hosting service, is a great toolcommonly used to organize and optimize all the information you have. Again, it’s accessible. It helps you arrange the files you store on your phone or tablet with those from your computer without the need to copy them. For students who lack the organizational skills, there are many services that synchronize the data from all the devices automatically.
  • You can back up your files.
    Perhaps, there is hardly a single student who has never had his or her paper lost because of a sudden power outage. Nothing can be more frustrating than realizing that your work was in vain. However, when you use a cloud storage service, you ensure that all your documents are backed up. So, don’t be afraid of any unexpected circumstances – you will always be protected from anything going wrong.
  • You can share your files with anyone.
    The process of receiving education often requires students to do assignments together in groups, thus practicing the ability to work in a team. It may be rather challenging because every participant may have different timetables – many students have jobs or household duties. Cloud storage services will come to the rescue as many of them have a sharing option. This way you will be able to exchange all the materials, and even work simultaneously on a common project, which is much more effective than emailing the document to each other.

Final Word

Along withlearning time management tips or addressing custom writing services, using cloud storages is another helpful option to make your student life easier. Every student can get certain benefits from it. You get an opportunity to host your files safely and have all the backups in case something happens. You will be able to access them from anywhere via any device and collaborate with other students, working on the same project. It’s an easy-to-use tool that won’t cost you a lot but will save your education.

Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student

Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student

Each of us had been in the situation when we needed to upload some files to the Internet and pass them over to somebody, so you are probably familiar with cloud storage services that are popular nowadays. Maybe you even have used some of them like Google Drive or Mega.

How Can a Cloud Storage Help You?

If you are thinking about how to backup the data on your portative device or computer, or just need to store some files, cloud storages can be quite helpful and convenient. While you are in the process of writing a thesis, you probably would not like to lose the results of your hard and diligent work because of some problems with your computer. In such case, it is more than reasonable to host all your files online.

Students have a lot of home assignments and their completion mostly requires using different materials, which can actually take much space on your gadget. Therefore, another reason to consider storing data on the Net is the fact that your tablet or smartphone may provide you with an insufficient amount of internal memory to store your photos, videos, text documents, etc.

How to Select a Suitable Cloud Storage Service?

Being an essential tool, cloud storages have become so commonly used just like some of the most helpful gadgets for students. Owing to their popularity, there is a great variety of services and apps to choose from. Yet, you should keep in mind several nuances when you decide on a platform that will be the most convenient for you. You can compare them using the following criteria and choose the best option:

  • Free storage space;
  • Price per month;
  • Possibility of file sharing;
  • Devices or systems it is compatible with.

Some of the most popular storages do not provide free cloud space at all. Others, on the contrary, provide you with 20-50 gigabytes free of charge. To use more space of the storage, you will be requested to pay a fee to the site, which is a fixed amount of money for a month, so you should probably consider both how much space you are going to get and how much would it cost to you.

It is also required to check, what operating systems the storage works with. In case you want to have unlimited access to your information from tablet or smartphone, find out whether the service is available for mobile access or has a separate app for mobile devices. If you often use not only your laptop but also a computer in your college library, you should find out in what way you can sync and back up the files from that computer.

In case you care about the privacy of your files, you have to look for storages that have privacy policies. This will ensure your safety and protection since they will not have possibility to review your files or pass them to any third parties.

Only few services combine all the beneficial features mentioned above. It gives you the need to pay much attention to those issues that are the most important for you. Of course, you may probably want to consider not only the functionality and usability but also the interface that will be convenient for you. You can always look at the lists of the most often used and popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive and think on choosing one of them.

Final Thoughts

So, how useful can a cloud storage be for you? It broadens the possibilities of your mobile device or tablet and provides you with instant access to your files without storing them on the device itself. Your data is safe. Best thing is that there is no risk of losing data because of a hard disk crash. Besides, if there is no necessity to upload hundreds of files, it will make no problem for you to utilize service for free.

So, now you know that if your computer breaks down while you were working on a research project, you may not only address one of the “write my paper for me” services for ordering a new paper but also use the backup copy from your cloud space. You will definitely find it very convenient to use.

The Cloud: When worlds collide!

The Cloud:  When worlds collide!


I once wrote an article about a premise based phone system. It started off something like this:

In my honest opinion, there are few telecommunications solutions that can compare to the innovate and versatile IP Office by Avaya.  IP Office can do anything.  Seriously!  From simple tasks, such as making phone calls (you kind of need that in a phone system!), to ultra complex tasks, such as third party application hooks via VBScript and SQL Database dips.  With IP Office, the sky is the limit!  I once saw a video where someone programmed the IP Office to make coffee!  For real!  Granted, that’s a bit extreme (unless you’re really serious about coffee); however, the point is that it CAN be done.  So, if your phone system can make coffee, it can CERTAINLY do other, less intensive and more business focused, tasks.  For example, mobility, presence, and contact center.

Now, you may be asking yourself, why am I writing about a premise based phone system, when this article is supposed to be about cloud communications?  Just bear with me for a moment, we’ll get there.  By the time you’re done reading this article, you will be in complete agreement with me that this article is, indeed, about cloud communications.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is a phone system?  On a very basic level, a phone system is equipment and software that connects telephones to phone lines, routes calls to and from the office, routes calls within the office, and may also present callers with a menu of selectable options.

What is a premise based phone system?  A premise based phone system is a phone system that is installed at the customer premises (your office).  Your phones and phone lines plug directly into the phone system via your building wiring.

What is a cloud based phone system?  Again, on a very basic level, a cloud based phone system is a phone system that is installed at the data center of a cloud provider.  Your phones and phone lines connect to the phone system via the internet.

Isn’t that interesting?  If you take apart the terminology, and look at it on a very basic level, a premise based phone system and a cloud based phone system is the exact same thing!  There really is no difference between the two of them.  There is no big scary animal called ‘The Cloud’!  It’s really all about your personal preference as to where it’s installed, or hosted.

You may be wondering, if that’s the case, then why all the hype about ‘The Cloud’?  If there really is no difference, then what’s the difference?

The answer is, there are differences:

Let’s start from a cost perspective.  Premise based equipment is purchased on, what’s called a CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) model. This means you have to pay for the equipment (Capital), which depreciates over time.  Cloud based service (note: I called it service, not equipment) is obtained using an OPEX (Operating Expense) model.

As written in the article “What is the difference between CAPEX and OPEX?”By J.B. Maverick on Investopedia ” An operating expense results from the ongoing costs a company pays to run its basic business. In contrast to capital expenditures, operating expenses are fully tax-deductible in the year they are made. As operational expenses make up the bulk of a company’s regular costs, management examines ways to lower operating expenses without causing a critical drop in quality or production output. Sometimes an item that would ordinarily be obtained through capital expenditure can have its cost assigned to operating expenses if a company chooses to lease the item rather than purchase it. This can be a financially attractive option if the company has limited cash flow and wants to be able to deduct the total item cost for the year.”

Because, with cloud, you don’t purchase any equipment, and just pay for the software you use as a service (SaaS), all you end up paying is a low monthly cost.  Furthermore, Cloud or SaaS scales with your business.  As your business expands, you add additional seats or licenses.  If your business contracts, or goes through downsizing, you decrease the number of monthly licenses.  With a premise based system, what you originally paid for is what you get.  If your business expands, you need to pay for additional equipment.  If your business shrinks, you don’t realize any cost savings.

So, what we see from here is that cloud based services are a much more attractive option, from a tax and cash flow perspective.

Another difference is business continuity.  With hurricanes and flooding taking place across the country, its inevitable that some business is going to be affected.  If your place of business is affected by a disaster, it’s bad enough that people can’t come into work.  It would be even worse if customers calling your office heard the dreaded busy signal or perptual ringing.  With a premise based system, if you wanted to ensure that your communications are functioning during a disaster, you would have to pay for your entire disaster recovery plan, out of your pocket.  With a cloud based solution, your provider pays for it.  Disaster recovery is included in your monthly fee.  Your cloud provider’s data center is backed up by multiple locations across the country, and even around the world.  Imagine, getting all this peace of mind for a low monthly cost!

By now, you’re probably wondering, this all sounds great!  However, I still don’t understand what does a premise based phone system have to do with cloud communications?

This week, I attended a roadshow given by Westcon, a global value-added technology distributor.  The show was the Avaya IP Office Release 10 and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Event.  What’s interesting about this title is that it combines both worlds, a world leading premise based phone system, and a cloud based solution.  I came to this event to learn more about both service offerings, and I was not disappointed.  I learned that Westcon now offers the SAME premise based award winning Avaya IP Office, hosted in the cloud!  This means, that the war between which one is better (premise or cloud), is officially over!  It’s the same product!  There is this old joke, where two people were aruging, and one person comes over to them, trying to settle their argument, and says “You’re right, and you’re right”.  So one of the guys turns to him and says, “Hey, we can’t BOTH be right?”  So the guy answers, “You’re also right!”  You know that joke?  It’s kind of like that.

You get the exact same solution.  The same system, the same features, only now it’s in the cloud.  You pay a low (OPEX) monthly fee, the solutions is scalable with your business, and you have the peace of mind knowing that you’re business is protected in the event of a disaster.  What can be better than that?  The two worlds have officially collided!

My question for you is, what are you doing in your business to enable you to save money while taking advantage of the latest innovation in technology?  I’d love to hear from you, please leave us a comment.

A little bit about SimiPlex.  We create simple solutions for all your telephony needs. Our goal is to ensure you have the best experience possible, while ensuring security, reliability, and excellent customer service. Above all, we work hard for you as well as providing affordable solutions. Check us out today!

5 Flashing Signs your Startup needs a Cloud HRMS Solution

Even though startups may come as natural transgressors for many, HR and payroll is one key area where a startup simply cannot afford to break the rules. Today, owners of startups ought to come up with novel and cutting-edge ideas to stay ahead of the curve whilst ensuring to abide by the payroll and HR regulations.

Businesses that fail to abide by HR laws and compliances invite stern legal and financial consequences or penalties.In fact, some consequences may even throw an entire business off the track. Having said that, here are five big, neon and flashing signs a startup needs a cloud HRMS solution.

  1. Consolidating personal and business finances

It might sound a pointless thing for a startup to have a business bank account during its initial days of operations.The reason being that a startup in its initial days seldom makes any profits and for most of the entrepreneurs, it is simply senseless to pretend that they are paying their staff with company profits and not from their own pockets. This can trigger some severe consequences in long run and thus, a startup ought to separate its expenses eventually.

Now if the startup is sued or audited, then the hazy discrepancy of personal and business finances can make the entrepreneur’s personal assets vulnerable to the court. Making it worse, the startup might even lose its corporate. Unfortunately, most of the startup entrepreneurs are of the notion that this won’t happen to them, which is often not the case.

Hence, the best resort to keeping away from such legal hassles in such unfortunate incidents is to have a cloud based payroll software in place to pay your employees accurately and on time.

  1. Referring employees as independent personnel

One of the severest blunders that startups commit these days is that they misclassify their employees as independent personnel when the fact is that they need to be legally inferred to as employees only. The primary reasons for doing so is that they do not have to pay for taxes, overtime and insurance for independent workers.

This is a common thing among startups, since most of the entrepreneurs preach the practice of “trying before buying” hiring technique. It is one of the gravest human resources management blunders leading to increased employee turnover.

Nonetheless, if you still refer your employees as independent personnel, then it is always advisable to have an automated cloud HRMS solution or a SaaS and cloud based payroll software to help distinguish independent contractor and payroll benefits.

  1. Managing payroll and compliance with spreadsheets

Payroll without a doubt is the trickiest and intricate process and most of the startups that use spreadsheets tend to screw it only to invite expensive penalties. Thus, an increasing number of businesses are turning to automated cloud based payroll software.

Nevertheless, businesses do require complying with employment insurance, healthcare, compensation, etc. without fail. Not to forget, compliance related overheads tend to escalate quite fast.

This is the reason why several tech-based startups prefer to have cloud HRMS solutions rather than relying on spreadsheets for carrying out payroll and other HR chores.

  1. Under or over paying employees

With the competition turning more and more volatile for startups, it is challenging to hire and retain top talents. This calls for offering exciting benefits to the employees.

Cloud based payroll software turns out to be a great saviour here, since it makes computing employee benefits across a number of departments a real quick and easy. Cloud HRMS solution comes with amazing automation functionalities to help you compute accurate figures to be offered as benefits paving way for error and redundant free benefit payouts. Further, it eliminates the tiresome paperwork and filing that goes into administering employee benefits for an HR department saving them efforts and time.

  1. Tormenting employees with heaps of paperwork

No one loves paperwork and it is not an exception with startups. Unfortunately, an alarming number of businesses are still stuck in ice-age by using obsolete HR techniques or tools.

Gone are days when an HR department has to ask employees to fill out forms and then fax or email it back. Businesses today are increasingly turning to cloud HRMS solutions to automate key HR processes making lives easier for both employees as well as HR personnel. Most importantly, it’s all paperless and remember, the less the paperwork, less the hassle.


These are five neon, big, flashing signs a startup needs to get rid of legacy HR practices or tools and embrace cloud based payroll software to stay ahead in the race.

7 WordPress Themes To Soar Your Online Revenue!

Today’s market scenario is highly supportive to selling digital products. You just need a website to showcase your products. With billions of people using internet for multiple needs, it gets easier for online drivers to sell to the shoppers looking for quality products. As we know that WordPress is the most used CMS for creating websites, this makes things quite clear that every other business is taking thier business online with its help. We also know that there are a huge number of websites available on internet, so, it makes creating a unique website difficult but thanks to WordPress’s thousands of themes. Not only they are unique but also offer hundreds of customization to give a desired look and feel to your website.

Now, as there are endless theme available in WordPress, selecting a best theme could be confusing at times but don’t worry. This guide will help you take a wise decision.



It is a completely modern and user-friendly theme for all digital shopping owners need. It has a very thoughtful design, technology sophistication and full of resources with the core strnegth to handle digital goods. Not only a powerful inventory but Shopkeeper also have a catalogue management system that integrates with your digital or shippable goods to give your website more flexibility and functionality. Some more features are as Retina-ready images, frontend coding and high resolution which means your website is responsive to all mobile devices and browsers, platforms and screen sizes.



It is a trendy and simple WP theme for perfectly selling your digital products and publishing your blog.   Built with Bootstrap 3.3, Pyxis is responsive to all smartphones, browsers, tablets and IPads which is essential for your customers. You can easily set up a website with its drag and drop page building technology and completely customise it with its Redux Framework. Also, it includes CSS3, Isotope filtering, blog pages and much more to let you exhibit your products in a more appealing way.



Due to its modern outlook, easy install process and responsive design, Marketify is one of the most popular themes for selling digital products. It integrates with various social plugins to supports review system, secure log in and many more customization options for your website. Also, it is compatible with all major browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, etc. and customization plugins like WPML, Gravity Forms 1.9.x, Gravity Forms 1.8.x, Gravity Forms 1.7.x, Gravity Forms 1.6.x, Gravity Forms, Easy Digital Downloads 2.5.x, Easy Digital and much more.



It is an incredibly polishes, flexible and nimble and graphically intuitive theme with more features like fast-loading, light-weight, smoothly and seamless animations and visual customizations to serve multi-purposely. Anyone, either a skilful or a skill-less can use Checkout to create a customised website without having to put too many efforts. Not only powerful visual page building tools for a smooth workflow but also various business-friendly page templates are supported in Checkout to lead in the stiff competition.



It is an engaging and appealing, robust and fully featured, professional and simple WordPress theme designed to help you to stand out in the competition. Aadot is an easily customizable theme specially designed to build a clean and pristine, user-friendly, interactive website. With it five different styles for blogging it gets easier to showcase, products, promotions and development to your customers. Any website dealing in online selling can benefit from Adot, and that’s why it is one of the most recommended themes by every range of skilled and experienced developers.



The Founder is a cutting edge, easily customizable, notoriously responsive, modern, professional and extremely polished WP eCommerce multipurpose Venture website theme. Also, it is an amusing website building toolkit to creating a stable and fully functional website for all kind of digital needs of an online marketer. It supports all the core and advanced technologies available to market any product online. Not only it empowers your website with a powerful framework, but also gives you an out of the box functionalities like Mailbag, Jetpack supercharged plugin and much more.



When it comes to creating a professional website to sell goods from a particular niche, Digiseller is the choice of most of the online drivers. It can support almost all kind of businesses ranging from computer games to music and media files to books. If you want to soar your business’s earning a little more, just incorporate Google Adsense to your website which is an inbuilt functionality of this WordPress theme, For E-commerce proprietors, there is an option to modify the store’s look and feel or upload a personalised logo.

Well, the internet market is growing tremendously, and those who are still sitting and selling with their traditional methods need to get online before it gets too late. There are just plenty of WP themes that will perfectly match your product. Just select according to your niche and the next thing you’ll see is a growth in your business. That’s the power of online business.

Hope, you’ll select any of these themes to get online. In case, you prefer something else, do let us know in the comment section.

Sophia Phillips has been working as a professional in WordPress theme customization company and loves sharing information about leveraging multiple benefits of WordPress CMS in the best possible manner. Currently, she has an impressive count of WordPress web development-related articles under her name.

Hurricane Clouds – Cloud Communications

A while ago, I was at a technology expo and had the pleasure of having a very animated conversation with the Google Cloud Infrastructure team.  One of the things we discussed was a practical application of the Cloud as it pertains to Telecommunications.  Now, you would ask me, but what on Earth does Telecom have to do with The Cloud?  One is phone equipment installed in your office, the other, I imagine, is a server farm in a bunker somewhere under a mountain?

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