The Cloud, the CRM and Your Company! Make the Most of It

An entrepreneur begins its journey with the foundation if its firm, wherein he plans and strategizes all the processes to optimize the overall outcome. Having mastered the production management, the next step comes in as managing customer resources, which can be simply accomplished by any CRM software services. However, prior to cloud technologies, CRM services were a major blow to a firm’s finances, thus, making it “the sour grape” for many SMEs. Continue reading “The Cloud, the CRM and Your Company! Make the Most of It”

IoT – The Internet of Things

For what seems like an eternity, The Cloud has been dominating every single technology based conversation.  It’s always The Cloud this, or The Cloud that, etc.  We’re starting to become more comfortable and well versed in The Cloud, and we can actually intelligently participate in a conversation about it.  Just as we’re getting into a groove with The Cloud, something else is making its way to the forefront: The IoT, or The Internet of Things.  What is that?  It sounds almost like a kind of zombie apocalypse!  I’m imagining an army of little robots connected to the Internet, and they’re taking over the world!  If that picture resonates with you, you’re not too far from the truth. Continue reading “IoT – The Internet of Things”

Preeminent Cloud Trends In 2017!

Along with mobile, social and analytics, models and technologies also have acquired the place of core inciter of current digital age, and while the cloud market is maturing day by day, its cooperation with analytics and data suggests that there are a plenty of fortuity for cloud in coming years. Today, the cloud is widely known as a major force in modifying the complete landscape of IT. From the software deployment to building data centres, cloud computing, manages everything. Continue reading “Preeminent Cloud Trends In 2017!”

How to Compress Videos with Movavi Video Converter

Large videos can take up a lot of spaces on your hard disk leaving you with no more space to store other types of files. If you want to keep these video files on your computer, you will have to compress them into a format that is smaller size. If you often upload videos and share them on video sharing sites, you should get a video conversion software so that you can compress the videos. If you don’t compress your video, it is going to take much longer to have the video uploaded. It is not recommend to upload the videos without compressing it first because anything could happen when you are uploading and cause you to have to reupload the video file all over again. Continue reading “How to Compress Videos with Movavi Video Converter”

How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education


Studying is quite a difficult process, which involves acquiring knowledge and operating tons of information. There are many useful tips to help students be smarterand make the process of getting their educations easier. One of them is to organize the materials related to their studies wisely and create the backup files.The best way to do so would be to use a cloud storage. Continue reading “How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education”

Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student

Each of us had been in the situation when we needed to upload some files to the Internet and pass them over to somebody, so you are probably familiar with cloud storage services that are popular nowadays. Maybe you even have used some of them like Google Drive or Mega. Continue reading “Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student”

The Cloud: When worlds collide!

The Cloud:  When worlds collide!

I once wrote an article about a premise based phone system. It started off something like this:

In my honest opinion, there are few telecommunications solutions that can compare to the innovate and versatile IP Office by Avaya.  IP Office can do anything.  Seriously!  From simple tasks, such as making phone calls (you kind of need that in a phone system!), to ultra complex tasks, such as third party application hooks via VBScript and SQL Database dips.  With IP Office, the sky is the limit!  Continue reading “The Cloud: When worlds collide!”