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what is cloud computing Definition – with real world examples

Definition of Cloud Computing with Real World Example

The curious question is: what is Cloud computing Definition with real world example? It is a disruptive and innovative model for enabling convenient, on-demand, and flexible access to a shared pool of computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services which are configurable and can be quickly provisioned and de-provisioned with minimal or no management effort or service provider interaction.

Cloud Computing – Download Free EBooks and Whitepapers

This model is composed of three service models, four deployment models, and five essential characteristics as per NIST.

On-demand self-service: Use credit card and use resources  such as compute, storage, database from cloud environment without any interaction with service providers or any delay due to workflows and permissions. It takes less than a MINUTE! And believe me, you are not day dreaming…It is a reality.

Go to and verify yourself

  • Real world example: SMS activation:
  • Prerequisite: Enough balance in the Mobile (Map it with Credit Card in Cloud environment )
  • Request Service by calling on *110# (Airtel) (Map it with in Cloud environment )
  • And you can easily use the services required

Balance/Usage: with *123*3# you know the available amount of SMS (In case of Cloud, All Cloud Service Provider gives Dashboard/ Management Console/ Cost Control Dashboard which gives you  information regarding your resource usage, cost and many more things.

Cloud Computing Billing (Source: Google)
Cloud Computing Billing (Source: Google)

Broad network access: Computing resources such as compute and storage capacity are available over network / on internet or intranet and they can be accessed via various devices such as smartphones, iPads, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and workstations.

Real world example: Videos on Mobile Web – Applications, wallpapers and ringtones from Internet are used


The more suitable example can be the way we watch videos over internet; similarly we can use various resources on Cloud as well…

Youtube on Smartphone
Youtube on Smartphone

Resource pooling: A resource pool is a set of resource which is homogeneous with respect to some activity, action or context. Cloud Service provider create a pool of all computing resources to serve multiple consumers in a multi-tenant environment, where different physical and virtual resources are dynamically assigned and re-assigned according to demand.

Resource Pooling (Source - VMware)
Resource Pooling (Source – VMware)

Real world example: In software engineering, a connection pool is considered as a cache of database connections so that the connections can be reused in case of future requests to the database are required.

Purpose: To enhance performance of executing database commands

In case of cloud environment, resources are pooled together and its capacities are used in unified manner to enhance the performance and customer satisfaction.

Rapid elasticity: Application can expand on demand, across all its tiers  such as presentation layer, database layer,application layer – MVC).  It also implies that application components can grow independently from each other. So if you require more storage for database, you should be able to grow that tier without affecting the availabilityof that application, reconfiguration, or changing the other tiers.

Real world example: In physics, elasticity or stretchiness is the physical property of a material that returns to its original shape after the stress e.g. external forces (Consider Peak Hours as external forces in cloud environment)


Cloud Computing - Elasticity
Cloud Computing – Elasticity

Measured service: Cloud environment automatically control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering or chargeback capacity. The basic value proposition of cloud computing is its utility based price model where you pay for what you use. Resource usage in cloud environment can be monitored, controlled, and notified via alerts, dashboards. It is a very basic feature which is essential in Cloud environment

Real world example: Consumers pay for electricity as they have used it


Cloud Computing - Measured Service
Cloud Computing – Measured Service

It’s not a Technology…It’s an innovation…Idea….




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