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How to Run and Configure CloudAnalyst

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12 thoughts on “How to Run and Configure CloudAnalyst

  1. I am not able to install cloud analyst.
    There is an error regarding- “Exception in “main” java.lang.NoClassFoundError : cloudsim/extGuiMain
    Plz help me….

    1. Find the Conference Paper written by people and you will get mail id of them in those papers… try to contact them directly.

      1. I would be infinitely grateful if anyone could provide me a source code example on the topic of selecting the best cloud provider using cloudAnalyst´╗┐. I have already sent many mails to people who wrote conference papers using this simulator but no replies. Thank you a lot.

      2. Hi Manel,

        I worked on it for a week or two in 2012 or 2013 and since then I am not in touch with CloudAnalyst so I am not in a position to answer it 100% but It is only a Simulation tool and I doubt it may not give what you are asking for. I have limited understanding on it so you can verify this with other person who is working on it currently.

      3. Thank you for your rapid response , I hope that anyone seeing my comment in this post could provide me even a very simple example to begin with, I am trying to select the best provider using multiple parameters using cloudAnalyst and i have no idea how to program using this simulator

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