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Cloud Platform as a Service Comparison- Cloud Foundry vs CloudBees vs CloudSwing

Cloud Platform as a Service Comparison- Cloud Foundry vs CloudBees vs CloudSwing

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  Cloud Foundry CloudBeeS CloudSwing
Description Cloud Foundry is the open platform as a service project initiated by VMware. It can support multiple frameworks, multiple cloud providers, and multiple application services all on a cloud scale platform. The CloudBees platform is the first Platform as a Service that lets companies build, test and deploy Java web applications in the cloud. CloudSwing is a solution that allows you to deploy any application on any technology stack to any cloud, creating a fully flexible PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).
Development Status Beta Production Production
Technology Java / Spring, Groovy/Grails, Ruby Rails & Sinatra, Node.js Java Java, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP and other languages.
Open Source Yes No No
Database MongoDB, MySQL and Redis Shared and dedicated MySQL databases, Reliable, distributed Database-as-a-Service, based on Apache CouchDB MySQL
Database as a Service No Yes No
API CLI REST API and CLI tools to automate tasks
Pricing The pricing of commercial service is not being announced as of now.
DevTest Environment No Yes, Manual and Selenium-driven cross-browser testing on the cloud No
Free Trail Free in beta CloudBees provides a FREE subscription for all of its core platform services – this allows you to get a taste of where next generation software development is heading to. Free Minutes/Month (m1.small only)**-300 There is a Free Plan for CloudSwing that enables you to set up an account with up to 3 members and deploy up to 5 concurrent applications through CloudSwing.
Real-time web monitoring and analytics Hyperic Brings Application Monitoring to Cloud Foundry New Relic CloudSwing Leverages New Relic to Monitor Application
Continuous Integration (CI) server Cloud Foundry Maven Plugin. Jenkins
Eclipse Plugin Yes CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse

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