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Educational Institutions and Cloud Computing

How Educational Institutions Benefiting from Cloud Computing Technologies

Gone are the days when you will need to carry your documents or files in a CD Rom, or thumb drive all the time to places you go. With technology such as cloud computing, you get a platform to upload your file on a server and can access it from any location of the world. This is the major reason why educational institutes are using cloud computing because of its ease of use, safety and stability of this integrated platform.

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Cloud computing can keep working for days and weeks and the best part is that they even don’t cost that much. Any industry or business has taken a major shift to this technique applying it in almost all of their functions, whether it is HR, Accounts, Marketing or Sales. An educational institute of any size and type are benefiting hugely from cloud computing platform. Cloud computing is giving students an opportunity to sit and study at their convenience without actually going to the four walls closed classrooms.

The other major advantages are listed below:

Accessibility convenience – Access details on curriculum, updates, grades, presentations, etc. sitting anywhere you want to teach or know about a student.

Virtual Access – Get the convenience of not carrying a hard disk, CD Rom, floppy, or your laptops with your important files everywhere you are going. With files uploaded on the cloud computing server, you can access it from anywhere you want. This also saves cost by saving from huge spent on IT tools such as drive, DCs, floppies, etc.

Stability & Security – It is a very reliable technology offering your ongoing stability throughout. Also, as it requires authentication before logging in, you should be relaxed as any information shared is always safe and secure. So even if your IT system of your school or institute crashes, you should not be worried as information for you and and your students are still safe at the server.

Sharing Feasibility – Suppose you are working on a project in guidance with your teachers for which you need constant sharing of information. If you have leveraged the cloud computing technology, with the ease of it you can just send the link to your teacher rather than sending the whole file. This makes work convenient for both, you and your teacher.

Tracking Changes – So is it that you have made a change in a document that was not required and you want it back? No problem! The cloud computing technology saves number of copies and versions and allows you to go back to the changes in a chronological manner.

Save Papers – Tests, assignments, reports, etc. all can be stored allowing students to take tests, complete assignments and at the same time allowing teachers to assess the reports online. This reduces the utilization of paper, also reducing the amount of photocopying to a great extent. Additionally, this also leads to save space in cabinets and drawers. This also has a direct effect on the cost cutting, saving huge amounts spent on papers and photocopying/printing.

Current Outlook of Cloud Computing in Education Institutes

Since the world is progressing at a great pace in this technology driven world, education also wants to match the standard and be updated. It has become completely associated with the IT techniques to impart education in the most apt technical ways. Cloud based applications such as FolderWave and Google Apps have already been adapted by educational institutions largely. The need for installation of servers and relevant useful software has become a must for schools and institutions. As it is internet enables, you get a huge access of the internet to complete the tasks, whether it is for the teacher or student.

A recent survey found that for higher education in the coming time, institutes and colleges will focus highly on methods of education with the virtue of cloud technology which will include:

  • Distance Learning
  • Teleconferencing and
  • Online Campus Learning and Offline Campus Learning (Hybrid)

With the rapid growth of cloud computing in the year 2013, the advantages of cloud computing are still evolving each day. There is no doubt in the fact that this technology has placed itself as the most rapidly deployed system. From colleges to universities, and from small to big business, all are persistently exploring the extent of cloud computing for their benefit.

Kunal Chhibber is a professional content writer with expert skills in digital marketing. He has also written many informative write-ups doing exclusive research on various institutes providing training on Cloud Computing.


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