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How you can leverage cloud to the advantage of your business?

You might be wondering what Cloud Computing has got to do with taking advantage of an opportunity?

We all are aware of the importance of taking advantage of an opportunity whenever it knocks the door. A slight delay and it is gone. You missed the golden chance of hitting the jackpot. Often it happens that one gets the chance to go a step further but due to its sudden arrival one is not in a position to handle it and ends up losing it all.

Cloud Computing

Most of the times when there is an opportunity one must to be prepared to deal with it which is not always possible for many due to various reasons. The inability to handle increased load, the shortage of resources and the lack of confidence could easily result in you losing the most important chance of your life.

In order to grow your business or take advantage of the festive season you might run advertisements and promotional campaigns and to your surprise you might receive an overwhelming response which would call for additional resources and inventory.

If you are running an ecommerce site and as a result of increased demand you get high number of visitors it would lead to high load on your site and your website may crash. For your website to function effectively during peak load times it should have the necessary resources. Often websites do not have additional resources as these cost a lot and cannot be procured unless necessary. Since you did not expect this sort of demand you did not have sufficient resources to handle it.

How cloud helps?

This is where the cloud comes in. If your website runs on cloud servers which can be scaled automatically allowing your website the necessary fuel to function properly you would not face any issues handling the high load and can successfully take all orders. As and when the website faces increased traffic it can rely on the cloud to handle the spike and allow your website to run smoothly.

Using the cloud server hosting your business website can take advantage of the opportunity allowing you to grow and increase your bottom line.

About the author:

Eric’s field of interest includes dabbling with Social Media and technology especially Web Hosting & Cloud Computing. He looks after content and Social Media for eUKhost Ltd. You can get in touch with him on Twitter & Google+.


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