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How to Get Greater Business Value from Cloud through Integration October 2, 2013As they embrace the cloud to improve their efficiency and expand their business reach, organizations are discovering how to get greater business value …
Hybrid Clouds and Hybrid IT: The Next Frontier October 3, 2013Private clouds will become hybrid, and enterprise IT organizations will move beyond the role of hosting and managing IT capability to becoming brokers …
Automation: The Linchpin for Cloud and Data Centers October 10, 2013Where there is software, there is automation. However, in I&O confusion around automation continues and so do the islands of automation. How do I&O leaders …
Cutting Through the Fog in Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Negotiations November 5, 2013Driven by the consumerization of IT, cloud, mobile and social trends that are reshaping global work practices, Microsoft is betting its future on Office …
Smart Cloud Sourcing Is About IT Efficiencies and Business Advantage November 6, 2013Cloud computing has enabled greater IT efficiency and lower IT costs. However, in todays competitive environment cloud computing also drives business …

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Cool Vendors 2013: The Nexus Grows and Challenges Current IT AssumptionsThere is a call to change the assumptions we use to govern our technology choices. It also calls for a change in the expectations we have for how technology …
Cloud Computing Changes the Vendor LandscapeCloud computing is impacting enterprises but it is also poised to reshape the vendor landscape. The competition is heating up among early cloud leaders …
How 4 Enterprises Changed Architecture & Development for CloudYou want to leverage cloud resources in your custom applications, but youre not sure where to begin. Through analysis of four case studies, Gartner we’ …Reference: Gartner Webinars

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