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10 Best Security Tips to Get Better Protection of your Data in the Cloud

Today cloud computing has become an integral part of business and person lives and there are a number of reasons this integrity. With the help of cloud, users can conveniently access their data from anywhere in the world in most secured manner. However, cloud may also have some security loop holes and here are 10 best security tips by which you can get better protection of your data in the cloud.

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  1. Understand security level of your cloud provider: This is the first and most important thing you need to do to get better data protection. If your cloud provider enforces all standard security protocols and procedures than you can trust on that provider. To know more details about the protocols and security procedure you can check terms and condition page on provider’s website.
  2. Data encryption: It is very important that cloud server should enforce encryption technology for communication and storing of your data. Unencrypted data is always vulnerable to intruders and hackers, that’s why it is very important that cloud provider should encrypt all data communication between server and client and it should encrypt the data before saving it on servers.
  3. Shared access: Many cloud provider give you a feature of shared access, while using this feature make sure you share your data with only those people that you trust. Also, make sure give them limited access of your data so they cannot edit or delete it without your information or approval.
  4. Secured password: It is always suggested that you should have secured password that you can easily remember. Also, make sure you do not use same password at multiple cloud servers or web sites and do not share it with anyone unless it’s not necessary.
  5. Carefully Choose password recovery method: You may secure your password with strong combination, but if you choose a week password recovery method you may lose your account. So make sure you do not use obvious password recovery option such as mother’s maiden name or date of birth. Instead of that use your email and text messages for recovery.
  6. Backup your data frequently: It is true that cloud services provide great data protection, but it is always a good idea to take regular backup of data on your hard drive as well. It will not only give you an assurance of your data availability, but you will be able to check your data as well.
  7. Do not connect your accounts: Many people do a simple mistake that they connect their all cloud accounts to one account for simplicity. Indeed, this action provide simplicity, but it increase the security issues as well that’s why it is suggested that one should never link multiple cloud account in one account.
  8. Use multiple authentication method: Few cloud servers provide you feature of multiple authentications in which after logging in with your password, system will generate one time password that it will send to your mail or phone and after entering that one time password it will give you access to your content. This method will make sure no unauthorized person can access your data by having login details as well.
  9. Protect your mail ID: When you ask for a password reset, server will send a reset email to your mailbox and if your mailbox is not protected you may lose your cloud data as well, so make sure you protect your mail ID along with your cloud credentials.
  10. Use a good antivirus: Last but not the least, make sure you always use a good antivirus on your computer to stay protected from virus, spyware and Trojans. In case you find any trouble in it, make sure you contact its support center for quick solution. For example, if you have Norton antivirus and you are finding any virus or similar issues make a call to Norton contact number for its quick solution.

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