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Cloud-Based Tools for Your Mobile Startup Toolkit

Mobile Startup Toolkit

There are more than 12 million entrepreneurs in the United States alone, according to Forbes, and the popularity of cloud-based tools has allowed many of these business owners to adopt a more mobile workspace. Whether the business owners want to work at home, or connect with a global workforce, these tools are a necessary part of your mobile startup toolkit. This also allows you to hold on to most cash, as you cutting down on your hardware and maintenance overhead, and gives you more options than if you had more paper equity on hand, Brian Ferdinand Liquid Holdings reports.


Cloud storage allows you to access the cloud files wherever you go, as well as sync files across multiple devices so you always have the latest updates. Dropbox, Google Drive, Mozy online backup, and other cloud storage services have business level plan tiers that open up access to enhanced support, larger capacities, multiple users, and other features geared at business users. The scalability of cloud storage allows you to painlessly expand your capacity and features as your business grows, so you’re only paying for what you need at the time.

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It’s tough to keep everyone on the same page when you have a team that’s far flung across the world. When you’re trying to keep your in-house employees on track with your contractors, having a solid collaboration tool gives you a way to keep on top of scheduling issues and see the big picture when it comes to your startup projects. One particularly strong entrant in the cloud collaboration tools field is Yammer, which creates a private social network for your company. It allows each team to update what they’re working on and upload documents and pictures, and it integrates with other cloud-based software, such as Office 365.

Basecamp is another major player in the cloud-based collaboration field. It uses a single page layout, so you can see all of your project information at a glance. It has discussions, to-do lists, files, and documents, so all of the data for your project is kept on-hand. Basecamp’s simple interface makes it a dream to work with, and it won’t take much training for your employees to get them up to speed.

Office Replacement

Microsoft Office, and its cloud equivalenet Office 365, are powerful tools. However, if you’re looking to break away from the Microsoft chokehold in your office, Google Apps offers a fully cloud-based software suite that handles the same functions. Google Apps gives you Gmail with custom email addresses and offline support, calendars to share across the office, and cloud-based storage through the integrated Google Drive service. Of course, you also get Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management tools in the cloud computing sector. CRM software requires a significant investment in the proper hardware to run the servers and applications, as well as ensure a high up-time so you aren’t left without your customer data. Salesforce handles the hardware, updating and maintenance end of the deal, so all you have to do is access the service. Mobile apps are available for Salesforce, as well as direct access through their web portal, according to their website.


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