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File Backup – Trusting the Cloud for Business & Personal File Security

When it comes to backing up information, businesses and individuals have different needs and goals. A business must ensure that the backed-up data is properly protected due to liability concerns. It must have a greater level of security and it must comply with certain regulations. An individual might not need the same level of security and is unlikely to have regulatory concerns because cloud services for individuals already comply with any government regulations. Before using any cloud services, it is important to understand how cloud backup is similar and how it differs when it comes to business and regular usage.

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Service Similarities

When it comes to regular and business cloud backup services, there are certain similarities that are found in both options. Depending on the type of cloud computing services that are used, the company or the individual may have a similar level of control.

Private cloud computing is primarily used by businesses because it provides a greater level of administrative control. The administrator on the account can set up private functions and ensure that the computing is appropriate for the needs of the company. Although individuals can use private services, it is more commonly used by businesses.

Public cloud backup services are available for regular and business usage. Unlike a private service, the amount of control is limited. The administrative features are controlled by the service provider rather than the individual or the company. Regular backup services for individuals are available through public cloud services and the particular types of backup services are similar to the options that are available for business.

Cloud for Business

Hybrid cloud services are a combination of private and public options. It provides a slightly higher amount of control than the public cloud backup options, but it is not as much work as the private cloud services.

Regardless of the services that are selected, the amount of control and personalization available through the services are similar. Business and regular cloud backup services offer a similar amount of control and personalization features based on the type of cloud service that is selected.

Level of Security

A key difference between regular cloud backup and the business options that are available is the amount of security. In general, business services have a greater level of security available for the companies to apply to the backup solution because the amount of sensitive data that a business may back up through the system is usually much more than the sensitive data an individual may put into the cloud.

Enterprise cloud backup services will usually encrypt the information that is backed up and stored in the cloud so that the risk of data being stolen is limited. In some cases, the service provider may even encrypt data twice to ensure that the information is only accessible by the business. That level of security is generally greater than the amount of security available for an individual.

Although regular cloud backup services may offer certain security features, it may not encrypt the data or it may not offer an option to encrypt data that is stored on the cloud twice. Business cloud services usually have an advantage when it comes to security features.

Difference in Storage Space

Regular cloud services have a lower amount of storage space available when compared to business cloud backup services. In general, regular cloud services will have a limited amount of space available, which may vary slightly between providers and different plans that the provider offers.

A business backup service is designed to store the information of several employees within a company. Depending on the plan, it may offer enough space for a small company with five or six employees or it may provide the space requirements of a larger company. Large companies may have more than 100 employees who store and back up data through the cloud. As a result, the amount of space that is required is generally very high.

Business services are designed to provide backup services that are appropriate for several employees. The best business cloud backup services will provide enough space to back up the data of at least 100 employees before the company will need or want more storage.

Collaboration Features

Although the services that are available may have certain similarities, regular cloud backup does not have the same collaboration features that a business backup service provides. Individuals do not usually require collaboration features or may only need basic sharing. That is a key difference between regular and business cloud backup services.

A cloud backup service that is designed for businesses will provide sign-in options for the administrator, the employees and even the clients so that everyone is on the same page. It ensures that data is backed up immediately and it allows instant feed-back so that company projects are completed in a timely manner.

The collaboration and backup features are designed to help businesses improve efficiency while keeping the data in the same place. It allows employees to instantly update data, store information and learn about the progress of team members without getting the administrator involved.

Mobility Features

A key benefit that makes cloud backup services appealing for individuals and businesses is the mobility features. The ability to access stored data, update the information and backup mobile data plays a key role in convenience.

Regular and business cloud backup services will provide some mobile features. The level of mobility and the backup solutions that are available may vary between service providers, so it is important to learn about how the mobile backup services work before selecting a particular plan. While some variation exists between providers, many cloud backup services will offer mobile backup solutions.

Regular and business cloud backup solutions are not the same. Business solutions are designed around the specific needs and concerns of a company. A regular cloud backup solution is designed around individuals and families, who may not have the same security requirements, storage needs or concerns as a company. A business should always use backup solutions that are designed for companies to ensure that it is appropriate for storage, security and collaboration requirements.

About the author: Zack Kirchin, editor-in-chief for The Tech Fortress, is a technology and cloud computing aficionado with a focus innovation that will change the way we live. Check out his analysis and insight on new technology, startups, and security at and on Google+.


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