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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL – Now Available in AWS

PostgreSQL has become the preferred open source relational database for many developers and start-ups, powering geospatial and mobile applications. Amazon Relational Database Service has announced support for version 9.3 of PostgreSQL.

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AWS has released PostgreSQL with support for multiple availability zones deployments to durability and availability, Cross-Region Snapshot Copy lets you copy your database snapshots across AWS Regions, Provisioned IOPS to specify the desired performance of the database, the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) to launch RDS database instances in an isolated section of the AWS cloud using a virtual network, automated backups to run on a daily basis at a time you designate, and PITR (point-in-time recovery).

1.AWS Management Console - RDS

2.AWS Management Console - RDS Dashboard

3.AWS Management Console - RDS Engine Selection

4.AWS Management Console - RDS Production 5.AWS Management Console - RDS DB Instance Details

6.AWS Management Console - RDS Additional Config

7.AWS Management Console - RDS Management Options

8.AWS Management Console - RDS Review


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