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Cloud Monitoring Tools – An overview of Open Source tools

Organizations are keen to leverage Cloud Computing to improve agility and scalability of the IT infrastructure. Conversely, organizations using Cloud Computing face the following challenge: decreased visibility into the performance and governance of services being delivered to their end-users.

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Cloud Service Providers (CSP) provide dashboard facility to track status of their services, in addition to it, CSP provide alert /notification mechanism to recognize and report service outages in a timely manner. Customers also need to know the status of the applications on Cloud resources. Cloud monitoring refers to the monitoring of the performance of physical or virtual servers, storage, networks, and the applications running on them. Cloud monitoring tools are employed can collect data and illustrate patterns that might be difficult to spot otherwise in dynamic infrastructure and services provided by Cloud Service Providers. To maintain high availability of applications, Cloud Monitoring tools can be used to collect metrics, gain insight, and perform corrective measures in case required to guarantee business continuity.

Cloud Monitoring Metrics

Why Cloud Monitoring is Essential?

Open Source Tools for Cloud Monitoring




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