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Nagios – Cloud Monitoring Tool

Nagios – Open Source Tools for Cloud Monitoring

Open source network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring tool Nagios provides monitoring and reporting for network services, host resources. Nagios Core is an open source, infrastructure monitoring system that enables organizations to diagnose IT infrastructure problems before they have an adverse effect on critical business processes.

It provides monitoring of Cloud resources such as compute, storage and network services. It is capable of monitoring of virtual servers and OSs in both physical and virtual environment. It is easy to identify Cloud environment issues, detection of network outages and application availability. Cloud monitoring with it offers multiple benefits such as High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Data availability. It also provides monitoring of Public Cloud Services such as Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) etc. Eucalyptus is open source product for building private and hybrid clouds; its open-source version does not provide built in monitoring but that can be achieved with scripts in directory Extras which may be used with third party tools for example to interact with nagios. It also allows you to write plugins in just about any language and run them on remote servers.

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