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Cloud Monitoring Solutions are Essential

Cloud Monitoring

Why Cloud Monitoring Solutions are Essential?

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  1. Security: Security in Cloud is a major roadblock in Cloud adoption for business critical applications and certain industry specific applications where data security is extremely vital.
  2. SLA Management: Due to the dynamic nature of the Cloud, continuous monitoring on QoS attributes is essential to implement SLAs and multifaceted nature of the Cloud landscape demands a refined means of managing SLAs.
  3. Capacity Planning: Cloud Monitoring tools helps to identify what resources are you using in Cloud? What is the performance requirement and what is the capacity requirement and accordingly resources can be scaled up and down to effectively achieve the performance and satisfy customers.
  4. Resource Management: Resource Management is crucial in Cloud Computing which maximizes resource utilization and minimizes total cost of both the Cloud infrastructure and application hosting.
  5. Trouble Shooting: Root cause analysis is a very dicey area in Cloud Computing considering involvement of various components in it and complex architecture. Cloud Monitoring tools cans help to diagnose and rectify an issue.
  6. Performance Management: Cloud performance management is the monitoring of resources that manages application performance in Cloud environments. It includes supervision of applications to maintain optimal performance and availability.
  7. Billing: Monitoring is a very basic requirement to provide measured services in Cloud environment for Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Consumers.

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