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Cloud Telephony: The Present and Future of Communication

Cloud Telephony: The present and future of communication


What is a Cloud telephony Service?

Cloud refers to IT services delivered over a network such as the internet and cloud telephony services have been eminently used for business processes. It is a substitute to conventional business telephone equipment with a third party VoIP service.

Hosted Cloud Telephony:

In today’s business scenario, there is a demand for expanding the requirements and cloud based solution simply provides that at low cost.  Hosted Cloud Telephony service offers unlimited growth capacity and with the latest advancements, it can be undoubtedly regarded as the future of communication. IP telephones have quenched the need of box with attached extensions. It plugs into any internet connection and you can get an effective communication service.

The internet cloud is the medium for incoming and outgoing calls. The call handling features are excellent and are designed to provide efficiency to your business. The standard features which are similar between a traditional inhouse PBX and hosted cloud telephony include voicemail, ring groups, call forwarding and call waiting, time profiles and car parking. Some of the features which are much advanced and can be witnessed in cloud based telephony include video calling, eFax, IVR, Call Recording, Call Queuing, Conference Bridging and Click to Call.

The successful emergence of cloud based telephony system is its quality features and the benefits availed through it. Business organizations require these facilities in order to meet the exceeding requirements and grow their revenue. Some of the major benefits that made hosted cloud telephony a successful communication medium are as follows:

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Initial telephone device is all what is needed besides a low running cost per user. Central PBX, expensive hardware or any on site equipment is not required. The absence of physical hardware makes you free from cost of maintenance and upgrades too.


It is possible to track a user from anywhere in the world with internet access. This ability of hosted cloud telephony gives definitely provides a valuable added advantage over a traditional inhouse PBX.

Open Standards:

As hosted cloud telephony work on open standards, you are not confined to a particular brand of softphone or handset. It is a kind of feature which brings flexibility to your business.

Scalability and Growth:

Adding a user is a cost effective and easy process in a hosted cloud telephony system. You do not have to bear the expense of software upgrades, hardware upgrades or licenses.

Future Proof:  

A cloud telephony system is regularly updated with advanced features and developments. This gives you freedom from technology refreshers and future in investments.


Redundant backup feature is one of the most important features of a cloud based telephony system. Such a system has the ability to grow on demand feature.

You are missing out too much if you are if you are still using clunky on-premise communications products. Cloud based telephony is the present and future of communication.

Dave Cummins is the Managing Director of Speechpath Cloud Telephony Service based in Ireland. He regularly blogs on the area of VOIP, Cloud Solutions etc.


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