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Stakeholders in Cloud Computing Environment

The five Stakeholders in Cloud Computing Environment are occupied in building a secure, functional, and effective cloud Ecosystem.

  • Cloud Provider: An organization or entity that provides cloud services to cloud consumers.
  • Cloud Carrier: It works as glue in Cloud ecosystem between Cloud consumers and Cloud Service Providers. CSPs use it for connectivity and transport of cloud services to consumers.
  • Cloud Broker: Often, cloud brokers are responsible to manage delivery, performance, and quality of Cloud services to the cloud consumers
  • Cloud Consumer: End User, Organization or set of organizations having common regulatory constraints; performs a security and risk assessment for each use case of Cloud migrations and deployments. Consumer uses services from Cloud Service Providers.
  • Cloud Auditor OR Cloud aware Auditors: Cloud aware auditors conduct third party assessment of cloud services, information system operations, performance, and security of the cloud implementation based on existing rules and regulations.

To read more: NIST Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture

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