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Components of CloudSim Framework

Following are main Components of CloudSim Framework

REGION: It models geographical regions in which cloud service providers allocate resources for their customers. In cloud analyst there are 6 regions that correspond to 6 continents in the world.

DATA CENTER: It models the infrastructure services provided by various Cloud Service Providers. It encapsulates a set of computing hosts or servers that are either heterogeneous or homogeneous in nature based on their hardware configurations.

DATACENTER CHARACTERISTICS: It models information regarding datacenter resource configurations.

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HOST: It models physical resource (Compute or Storage)

USER BASE: It models a group of users considered as a single unit in the simulation and its main responsibility is to generate traffic for the simulation.

CLOUDLET: It specifies set of the user requests. It contains application id, name of the user base as originator for routing back the responses as well size of request execution commands and input and output files. It models the Cloud-based application services. CloudSim categorize the complexity of an application in terms of its computational requirements. Each application service has a pre-assigned instruction length and data transfer overhead that it needs to carry out during its life cycle.

SERVICE BROKER: The service broker decides as to which data center should be selected to provide the services to the requests from the user base.

VMM ALLOCATION POLICY: It models provisioning policies on how to allocate VMs to hosts.

VM SCHEDULER: It models time or space shared scheduling policy to allocate processor cores to VMs.


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