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Google App Engine Data Storage

Google App Engine Data Storage
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GAE Datastore
  • Distributed NoSQL service
  • Entities have a set of properties that support retrieval of Entities with specific requirements
  • Schemaless Entities
  • Python datastore and Java JDO/JPA interfaces interface are used for applying and enforcing datastore structure within application
  • Supports query engine and transactions
  • ACID transactions and efficient concurrency control
Google Cloud SQL
  • Fully managed relational database service in Google’s cloud
  • Capabilities of a popular MySQL database
  • Administration, Management, and Monitoring of Database
  • Built in backup, recovery and patch management as it is managed by Gogle and not users
  • Built in replication across multiple geographic regions
  • GUI to create, manage, configure, and monitor your DB instance
  • Many options for configuration are available
Google Cloud Storage
  • RESTful service for storing, managing and accessing data with web-based interface
  • Reliable, Highly Available, Scalable Object Store
  • Data replicated across multiple data centers.
  • Read-your-writes data consistency
  • Support to objects can be terabytes in size, resumable uploads and downloads
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • Efficient  access controls for individuals, projects and group-level
  • Authenticated uploads and downloads
  • Project, Buckets-Containser, and Objects-Data are basic building blocks of data

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