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Busting 5 Common Myths regarding Cloud Computing

Myths regarding Cloud Computing

Over the years, Cloud Computing has emerged as one of the most successful technological advancements. Although the initial days of Cloud Computing were a bit challenging, today the technology has introduced a major paradigm shift in the way IT is being performed. Greater focus combined with affordability makes Cloud Computing one of the best means of overcoming business challenges. Irrespective of the many advantages that accompany Cloud Computing, there are some common myths that are holding back the technology from reaching a wider group of targeted audience. My main aim behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with 5 of the most common myths circulating the Cloud Computing domain. So, let’s get started and unveil everything about the 5 common Cloud Computing myths:

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1.Cloud Computing


Myth No.1-Cloud Computing involves spending money on infrastructure or licenses

Well, this is a major myth that’s stuck to the minds of IT professionals residing in different corners of the world. Cloud Computing is all about maximizing computing resources. In other words, using Cloud Computing lets you use the resources as per your requirements. You need not spend any money on infrastructure or licenses, thereby saving a considerable amount of cash, which can then be utilized for different purposes.

Myth No.2- Cloud Computing is an insecure setup

2.Cloud Security


A majority of IT experts believe that Cloud Computing is a less secure setup, which may make you lose all your important applications in one go. This is a major myth that needs to be debunked for sure. The fact is that the cloud network is continuously upgraded for security checks and these updates are further applied to the servers.

Myth No.3- Cloud Computing entails 100% uptime

This is yet another myth that’s holding the minds of IT professionals across the globe. IT individuals believe Cloud Computing will enable them to avail the benefit of 100% uptime. This is not at all correct. Being an entrepreneur, you can easily Google around and find that none of the cloud computing service providers actually deliver 100% uptime. It is just come up as a proven means of fooling customers/clients and extracting loads of cash from them.

Myth No.4- Your data becomes un-controllable once uploaded to the cloud network

3.Cloud Computing


Being a business owner myself, I’ve actually seen people fear Cloud Computing simply because of the data residency issues. Well, when it comes to choosing cloud service provider for storing your personal and confidential information, you need to consider the location of the cloud data centers. However, if you’re looking for using cloud services for your business, you may opt for choosing a service provider that has a global presence.

Myth No.5- Cloud Computing leads to reduced productivity

Well, this is a totally misleading myth. The fact is that Cloud Computing has come up as an “Angel” for small business who found it quite challenging to manage their business functions in a hassle free manner. The state-of-the-art servers combined with seamless applications make Cloud Computing one of the most preferable networks for accessing data in a secure manner. The flexibility of streamlining business processes allows you to improve your overall productivity.


So that was a list of 5 common myths pertaining to Cloud Computing. Hope by now you’d have definitely got a clearer picture about the common myths that are holding back people from choosing Cloud Computing Service. Please make sure to stay away from such false sayings and realize the truth behind them. Trust me, since its inception, Cloud Computing has been surprising IT executives with enticing features that have made their jobs simpler by a great level.

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