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Cloud based Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Cloud based Digital Transformation
  • Challenges

–      To transform the business step by step

–      To maintain speedy growth and globalize while increasing competence and reducing its impact on the environment

–      To trim down debt and boost internal efficiencies

  • To make enterprise-wide ERP and Supply Chain Management system more efficient

–      To centralized its order taking process to improve operational efficiencies and sustain its growth

–      Collaboration and co-ordination between the sales team and each retailer: Anytime and Anywhere Access to Customer data – mobile-enablement

–      Co-Ordination and management between various department such as sales & marketing, finance, operations, human resource, logistics, planning etc.

  • Solution

–      Traditional ERP implementation is a very good solution to solve the above mentioned challenges except it is too costly to manage and monitor ERP implementation because of its components such as hardware, IT staffing, integration, implementation, application license, database, web server, app server and hardware resources

–      Cloud based ERP solves traditional ERP issues by providing Better Co-ordination, Pay per use Billing model, High Availability

–      It can be the first digital transformation with the use of Cloud computing to gain efficiency


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