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What is Liferay

Define: Liferay

Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise portal for building websites and web applications written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and commercial license. It is a web platform with features commonly required for the development of websites and portals by assembling portlets or gadgets onto a portal page.  It has a capability to make things easier in development of websites that display diverse data depending on different roles such as admin and normal user. E.g. In college portal, admin, students, teachers etc. have different pages or sections available to interact.

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Figure 1 - Liferay Portal

Figure 1 – Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is an enterprise web platform provides Self-Service Portals, Dynamic Web 2.0 Websites, Content & Document Management with Microsoft Office integration, Enterprise Collaboration, Identity and Access Management, Social Networking, Application Integration, unified document repository, Asset Publisher to display any data contained within the portal, to create workspaces for customer websites, intranets, collaboration platforms, and group websites. It also provides Text Editors with spell check and text styling capabilities, reusable templates for web pages and page sections, capabilities to add comments and notes into templates, User-Driven Workflow & Approval, Live Page Editing and Scheduling, Staging and Easy Website Planning, Document Conversion and Multi-File Uploads, Faceted and multi-tier Search, Multi language support, Dynamic Tagging, and SEO.

Liferay Portal is Java based and capable of running the JRE and an application server bundled with a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat 7.0.42 as of now.



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