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Open Source CMS

Open Source CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) or Web Management System is an application or suite of applications to manage the content of a Web site. It helps in managing content, collaboration, and easy administration of content without the requirement of deep expertise in technology platforms. It often comes with Web based GUI, facility to index and search documents, role based access, graphical workflow, digital asset management, remote access, extensibility, reusability of content, user specific marketing,  etc. For an IT organization, it serves as a repository to store and retrieve information efficiently such as project documents, latest technologies, explorations, best practices, pod casts, videos, etc. The most common examples of CMS are Enterprise Content Management, Web content management, Portal Content management, Document Management, Digital Asset Management, etc.

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ProductName License Written in Type OS
Liferay LGPL License and proprietary Java Enterprise portal, content management framework, content management system, community Cross-platform
Alfresco Enterprise Edition is open source with commercial support, Community Edition is LGPL Java, JSP and JavaScript ECM Cross-platform
WordPress GNU GPLv2 (or later) PHP Blog software, Web Content Management System Cross-platform
OpenKM GNU GPL Java Document management, open source GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Unix
OpenCms GNU Lesser General Public License Java, XML Content management system Cross-platform
Apache Roller Apache License 2.0 Java Weblog server Cross-platform
Magnolia Enterprise Edition: proprietary EULA,Community Edition: GPL Java Content management system Cross-platform
TWiki GPL Perl Wiki Cross-platform
Drupal GPLv2 or later PHP Content management framework, Content management system, Community and Blog software Cross-platform
Joomla! GNU General Public License PHP Content management framework, Content management system Cross-platform

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