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What is OpenCms

OpenCms is an open source CMS written in Java and distributed by Alkacon under the LGPL. To deploy OpenCMS, JSP Servlet container such as Apache Tomcat or JBoss is needed. UNICEF Netherlands, LGT Bank of Lichtenstein, and BP South Africa are some of the major adopters of OpenCms. Main features of OpenCms include a internationalization support, content versioning, asset management, workflow management, user management, Inline Editor, form based Content Editor generated from an XML schema, WYSIWYG editor, easy and intuitive page editor, sitemap editor, search Engine Optimization (SEO), Gallery Organization with the intuitive content gallery interface, Solr Integration for noSQL-like queries, CMIS Integration for accessing content repository of OpenCms in a standardized way, Shared folder, Content Subscription Engine, advanced HTML5 based upload dialog for multi-file upload, integrated and configurable full text search engine Lucene, Improved internal system roles & organizational units to assign them to OpenCms workplace users, Related resource management and Advanced link management with the Content Relationship Engine to keep internal links intact after move/rename operations, Improved permission options & switch user function to be able to create complex permission scenarios, Restore (undelete) operation for deleted resources, WebDAV support to make content editing easier, publish queue for simple procedure of publishing, Improved context menus using Ajax technology etc.


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