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What is Apache Roller

Apache Roller – Weblog is kind of a public diary where we write on various subjects that we want to publish and share with others, to give comment on ideas expressed by others; Roller is a multi-user and full featured group blog server that allows users to create and maintain their own blogs and publish their ideas. Essentially it is a Java web application that should be able to run on most any Java EE server such as GlassFish or Tomcat or JBoss and relational database such as MySQL, Postgres etc. It was written by Dave Johnson in 2002. Main objective behind it was for a magazine article on open source development tools.

Apache Roller

It is useful in organizations where it can support thousands of users and blogs and hence it can be a useful tool for knowledge sharing. One of the most interesting features is its group blogging with three permission levels of editor, author and limited. As a blogging tool it is necessary to have a feature to moderate comments and manage spam prevention; it is also necessary to have complete control over the styling of the blog with the use of templates, roller provides these features. Pluggable cache and rendering system and built-in search engine indexes weblog entry content is also salient feature of roller. Oracle Blogs, NetBSD Project Blog, Apache Blogs, Mervpolis Blogs, JWorld Taiwan, DZone’s JRoller, Carleton University Library (Ottawa, Canada), Banque de Luxembourg etc. uses roller. There is a very good tutorial available to deploy Apache Roller on Red Hat OpenShift public PaaS at


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