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What is Magnolia


Magnolia is an Open-Source CMS developed by Magnolia International Ltd., based on Content repository API for Java (JSR-283) that is a specification for a Java platform API to access content repositories in a uniform manner. Its Stable release is                5.2 that has been published on 22 November 2013. Magnolia CMS is normally deployed as a stand-alone system but it is possible to gain benefits such as scalability and higher availability by deploying it on cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2. Search functionality provided by the Jackrabbit repository, Responsive Web design (RWD) to build website that adapts to all devices and platforms, Standard Templating Kit (STK) available, implements the RWD principles that can deliver a browsing experience that works well on on different types of clients such as browsers, smartphones, tablets etc.; categorization to add and edit categories, tag articles with categories, create RSS feeds etc., SEO optimization, digital asset management, Workflow functionality, the Mail module etc. are main features of Magnolia.


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