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Cloud Storage on Mobile Devices: How Businesses Make It Work

Cloud Storage on Mobile Devices

As research from TrackVia points out, more than 80 percent of employees already use personal devices for business use. Plenty of benefits and opportunities can come from the use of mobile devices for business purposes, but only if you have the right technology and infrastructure in place. A cloud storage solution that caters to mobile devices can broaden the possibilities of when, where and how work is done, making it a valuable resource for those mobile-friendly businesses. When used the right way, these storage solutions can pay for themselves by increasing productivity and turning impossible tasks into everyday routine.

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Cloud Storage

Utilizing Mobile for Employee Productivity

The main advantage of mobile devices is in the name: they can go anywhere. A more traditional line of thinking for businesses is that workers need to be in their seats at the office to increase the company’s productivity. But thanks to personal computers, widespread Internet access. and now mobile devices, productivity is no longer dependent on a single location. When employers let their workers use mobile devices for work purposes, they quickly discover that those mobile devices can create new productivity opportunities.

As Computer World notes, since mobile devices can be taken anywhere, that means certain work tasks can also be brought to any location. Meanwhile, employees appreciate being able to use mobile devices at work, particularly when they integrate personal mobile devices into the workplace setting. This can improve morale, creating happy, more effective workers.

Logistical Advantages of Mobile Cloud Storage

Sometimes, a job demands that workers go outside of the office to accomplish tasks. Previously, this limited what those workers could do. But with the invent of mobile storage solutions like Mozy and other cloud services, work documents, software and other digital properties can be easily accessed through any Internet connection. Even better, the cloud storage allows for a variety of devices to gain access. Even if mobile devices are lost or destroyed, none of the content or software goes with it. Safely stored on the cloud, only the device itself needs replacing.

Businesses find that when they enable mobile cloud storage, workers can still be productive when they’re working remotely from the desert, are delayed at the airport, or even are at home during the evening. This improves workplace operations and productivity to a significant degree.

Important Features of an Effective Cloud Solution

Businesses interested in a mobile cloud storage solution should be on the lookout for several different features. For many companies, scalability is important. Not only do you want a solution that only charges you for the storage space you actually use, but you also want to be able to grow or shrink the size of those services as the size of your company changes.

Security is also a primary concern. Cloud storage and remote access through mobile devices can create security liabilities if you don’t use a trusted provider that has developed a solid security infrastructure, according to Tech Target. Ask about these security features before you invest in a company’s services to make sure your company is never at risk of being compromised.


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