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Always Remember to Backup – Cloud Solutions for Business

Cloud Solutions for Business

When it comes to creating a practical back-up solution for your business, creating a contingency is now is the best plan you can have, in hindsight many companies wish that they invested time into getting a practical computer backup solution after some form of disaster. Although accidents are hard to anticipate and see coming, whether it may be damaging malware or theft and for more serious cases an office fire or some form of environmental factors, such as a nearby river flooding or a some environmental influences, disasters and disaster recovery planning are often necessary for company to get back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

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The idea of using a cost effective and reliable solution is extremely important for small and medium enterprises as well as the larger companies that use a vast amount of sensitive and crucial data, due to the increasing demands for storing a large amount of data, such as personal financial details and personal history.

Any Business Sector

Regardless of the industry sector that your company is in, using a cloud-based offsite solution could be a practical way forward, the cost of investing in such technologies in the long run can far outweigh the cost of downtime and the resources needed to regenerate the data and information lost. Without a good insurance plan the fallout and impact to your company brand image could have a massive impact.

There are a large number of vendors within the market that have spent a great deal of time and money into creating very secure cloud backup solutions that work for businesses, large companies such as Asigra and Hitachi are amongst some of the leading brands and developers of business class service providers of backup solutions. In recent developments in cloud computing large companies such as Google and Amazon have entered the market in a battle to dominate cloud services for businesses.

The Stigma

The adoption of cloud computing for a lot of companies in recent years has increased dramatically due to a number of reasons including cheaper technologies, competitive pricing, more trust in the technology and larger brands taking on cloud based options. But there is still a stigma attached to the security of cloud computing, in reality the security threat is minimal, and if anything on par and perhaps less that alternative back-up strategies such using outdated tape-based technologies, backing up details on-site, having a substandard contingency or plan in place.

Can Apply to Many Technologies

Using a cloud based recovery and restoration solutions can support a number of technologies and devices, including servers, desktop & laptop computers and with a number of smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, using a wide choice of platforms and applications, these are some of the reasons why company owners are starting to adopt and use such methods which can take advantage of an already existing IT infrastructure of an organisation.

Josh Chamberlain works for UK & Netherlands based company Oncore IT, specializing in cloud solutions for SMEs and large organisations, Follow their them on Twitter @OncoreIT.


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