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Simplifying IT Services through Cloud Technology

Simplifying IT Services through Cloud Technology – For many years, IT services have been the source of stress and frustration for many small businesses. It often seems that without the right amount of background and experience in networking and other technological advances, businesses can feel like they are falling behind the curve and losing their chance to gain any competitive advantage.

It takes a lot of knowledge to effectively run things on the IT side of the world, which is typically why business owners outsource their IT needs to third party companies. For a long time, many small businesses knew the potential value of outsourcing normal functions such as payroll or web design or any other service in which you didn’t have the means or experience to handle in house. Moving IT services to the cloud is just another way for companies to expand their capabilities without changing their core focus.

In today’s world, cloud technology is king. Many businesses are shifting their processes into the cloud, but others are still apprehensive about going this route. In fact, even the term itself makes some companies hesitate, because it sounds like one more complex thing that may or may not work with their current infrastructure. However, cloud technology can simplify IT processes, and it can be outsourced to trusted providers just like many other services.

What the Cloud Means for Businesses

Simply put, cloud computing uses the Internet as a way to access data more effectively than housing a bunch of different servers and storage solutions on site. Many businesses have experienced higher costs for housing their own servers and have often wondered if there was a better way to go about managing their data. Rather than purchasing and maintaining a lot of hardware, businesses can use the cloud to access their data on demand from almost any location.

There are different ways to put this information to use, and many businesses have started to experiment with different applications of cloud technology in their IT strategies.

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Why Cloud Technology?

So, how, exactly, can these services help you and your company? A lot of small businesses don’t have access to the technology or staff to implement high level networking in house, but they still have the option of outsourcing to a service provider. This creates an opportunity for business owners to start saving money and growing their capabilities in the long run. Let’s take a look at how.

Cloud Computing – Download Free EBooks and Whitepapers
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Saving Money

Small business owners often need to be creative about saving money. Historically, IT services have had a large price tag attached to them, but cloud technology can change this in several ways:

  • Infrastructure: Servers, hard drives, computers, operating systems. You can house all of these things within your business, on-site and literally in your sight at all times. However, when you do keep these vital pieces of infrastructure on your property, you have to purchase everything and pay for maintenance and upkeep. Rather than do that, you can simplify things and pay a monthly fee to a cloud technology provider.
  • Training and management: If you have more than a few employees, it can be difficult to train them all on a new system. This takes time and money away from your bottom line. Third-party cloud providers often have experienced administrators and staff that can ensure things are running properly.On top of that, many cloud providers offer monitoring and management services, as well. So, instead of worrying about what employees are doing on the network, someone else constantly keeps an eye out for unsafe practices.
  • Utilities: Many companies are adopting eco-friendly solutions in their everyday processes with great success. The more in-house servers and computers you are using, the more energy it will require. By outsourcing to a third-party cloud provider, where costs are a lot lower for your usage, you can save money in utility bills and help the environment at the same time.


Businesses need to stay flexible in an ever-changing world. Customers have needs that can change on a whim, and marketing strategies seem to change every week, which can make it difficult to keep up. If you have an entirely physical IT infrastructure, you may also find it difficult to adapt to these changes.

Cloud technology gives you the flexibility to change on a moment’s notice. When your applications and data storage are in the cloud, you can move locations without having to worry about losing or damaging hardware, and you can add services or applications even if the market changes overnight.


Security can be one of the most important factors to consider with any kind of IT processes. Hardware is often used to store confidential data such as customers’ personal information. Protecting that data should be a primary concern, especially if you are using a cloud-based strategy.

Cloud technology introduces new security concerns for many companies. For example, since all of the hardware will be stored at a different location, businesses still need to make sure there are physical and digital security measures in place. This means the business must be sure that the service provider can offer the necessary level of security before getting started.

If a business doesn’t have the right kind of network protection software on their own networks, it can leave them open to all kinds of malicious attacks and unauthorized usage. IT service providers generally rely on their reputation, which means they need to know exactly what kind of network protection to use in order to discourage attacks.

Business Simplified

Owning a company can be a stressful and difficult at the best of time. A successful business owner consistently looks for ways to improve efficiency and simplify business. Cloud technology presents a lot of opportunities for business owners to make this happen.

IT services don’t have to be that impossible-to-scale mountain in the distance. Employing cloud services to simplify your IT processes can help save money, grow your business, and secure important data.

What are you doing to simplify your business practices?


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