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Easy Steps to Ensure Maximum Google Drive Security

In wake of the latest iOS cloud breach, it has become crucial to secure your Google Drive account to avoid unauthorized access. The following article highlights essential tips to help you maximize the security of your Google drive.

Almost everyone is aware of the latest iOS cloud breach, where anonymous hackers have managed to hack a number of celebrity accounts and leaked their explicit pictures. It is a very unfortunate that there will always be someone attempting to gain unauthorized access – somewhere and at someplace. This is why, it is important you secure your Google Drive account as soon as possible.

Google Drive Security

Since you’re most likely to connect to your Drive via your smartphone or tablet, therefore it will be useful to follow some simple tips to keep your account safe:

  1. Share With Care  

Sharing files and folders is very convenient with Google Drive. But, this feature can lead to an insecure account. It is important you keep a few essential things in mind while sharing any file on Google Drive. Firstly, only share your files and folders with people you can completely rely upon. Avoid sharing documents blindly. Secondly, always share as view-only files, unless a specific user needs editing access.

  1. Employee Encryption

There are numerous apps that work in conjunction with cloud accounts and function to encrypt all your data transmissions. Boxcryptor is one such widely used app. This is an Android app that allows the user to encrypt all files and folders within the Google Drive Account, such that only the user can view those files. In addition, you can also encrypt the files on your Android device before they are synchronized with your Google Drive accounts. They can be encrypted using RSA-4096 and AES-256 standard. You can trust the security offered by this service.

  1. Check App Permissions

While working on your Android device, most often you grant permissions to a variety of services and apps. There are times when you even give off permissions to such apps and services that request to view your Google Drive account information. So, before granting permissions, make sure you always keep this in check and do not leave any pending permissions for apps and devices no longer in use.  Leaving any permissions hanging can hamper your Google Drive Security.

  1. Wireless Security 

Never use your Google Drive Account when you are using an unsecured wireless network. In case you find yourself on an unsecured network and you wish to use your Google Drive, the best option for you is to turn off the Wi-Fi setting on your device and use your carrier’s 3G network. After all, you’ll be better off trusting the security of your mobile data than an unsecured Wi-Fi network. This is also true for online shopping, online banking or while using any service where account sensitive service would be transmitted.


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