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Infinite Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage-This article would be about how storage has changed over the years. From magnetic tapes to cloud computing. How the virual world has given this infinite possibility in terms of sharing and storage etc.

Long ago, we used to measure our digital memory. See how much we could save and what needed to be deleted. Today with the virtual availability of memory in the palm of our hands has definitely changed the aspect of deleting.

One of the basic human nature is to store. We can never truly let go. We crave what we have already had, and we wish we could keep it forever. We carry things along with us in boxes and trunks. We are chroniclers of history and we always make space for old things and new things alike. Yes, we are hoarders. We carry baggage where ever we go. Before we had to make a physical space for our storage need; and now with the evolution of technology our storage has also become extremely convenient.

As the famous comedian George Carlin once stated in one of his stand up comic shows – how we spend all our lives gathering stuff and then find ways to save it. We move… we get a house; we always look for a bigger place to ‘keep your stuff’. Today I am sure George Carlin would have had a field day with the way storage has evolved. Today we have even found a ‘Cloud’ to put all our stuff on!!!

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With the presence of technology in our world, we spend awful lot of time to find data and knowledge and then again we go in search of a place to save it all. Gone are the days of big libraries and record stores or a ledger book – The presence of the virtual world almost makes it extinct. We have virtual everything from memories to work-in-progress everything gets saved on your virtual space. It is not that we are putting all the old stuff onto this virtual hemisphere; we have found new virtual stuff to put in our virtual storage.

Yes indeed, we have travelled a long way and now finally we have an infinite space for our storage requirements. Education and knowledge has definitely made us extremely capable to find easy ways to get our work done. The concept of going virtual was there since 1950. This idea was slowly incorporated into businesses and the new generation concept immerged – bringing the cloud technology to the common man. The most common ones are iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drives etc. Most of them start at 5 gigabytes of free storage, of course depending on a lot of factors. On top of that you could increase it to infinite amount; you could even hire an entire server that is based on the cloud technology depending on your requirements.

Nowadays most of the companies have engineers dedicated to the cloud technology. This is ‘The’ thing. You could be from any engineering college or course and you can dedicate your life to this magnificent technology. Learning, executing and living by this new age tech life is something that many aspire to do. Cloud has definitely changed the boundaries that where set by space and storage.

Cloud Storage


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