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Review: Chef Essentials By John Ewart

Chef Essentials
Chef Essentials

Infrastructure automation is an extremely vital expertise nowadays because of rise of Cloud Computing in recent years. Chef, configuration management tool is very popular nowadays and hence I was keen to get my hands on Chef. Lot of material is available on Internet including tutorials and blogs but I found a Book Chef Essentials on Packetpub. To my surprise, the book covers great deal of details in first three chapters itself. Installation, Configuration and Integrating with one of the most popular Public Cloud – Amazon Web Services in first three chapters is a sheer delight. Technical language used to explain the concepts is very easily understandable. With AWS, it provides details on provisioning and terminating instances and various other information as well. Basic concepts have been covered in an exemplary manner considering beginners. It also provides detail coverage of developing custom extensions and User management which is extremely essential.

All and all for beginners, this book is a great way to start and gain insights into Chef and also having full hands on in various Cloud Platforms. It also explains application deployment on EC2 using sample python application. It completes the whole circle from Basic concepts to deployment of an application.


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