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A not-to-be-missed guideline on getting started with Xcode 6 on Mac

Xcode 6 on Mac – With the introduction of smartphones, there’s been a remarkable increase in the demand and popularity of applications that can run on different mobile platforms. If you’re a developer then you would be surely into the habit of using Powerpoint, Keynote or Pages for creating media rich content that can be incorporated into the smartphone apps. Through this post, I’ll acquaint you with Xocde6- a finest tool that allows you to create absolutely stunning apps for iPhones and iPads. So, let’s get going and understand more about using Xcode6 on a Mac for building apps that have the caliber of standing out from the crowd.

Xcode 6

A brief on Xcode 6

Initially released in the year 2003, Xcode serves as an integrated development environment(IDE) that contains a plethora of software development tools that are specially designed for developing software for iOS and OS X. Xcode plays a vital role in organizing all your code, image resources and interface files. The latest beta release of Xcode is version 6, which is made available to all developers with Apple Developer accounts. Xcode also comes with an iOS Simulator that allows you to test your iPhone/iPad app on your Mac system.


And now, the steps that enable you to gear up for using Xcode 6 on your Mac computer

Step 1- Open Xcode


You can do this by clicking on ‘Xcode’ icon placed in your Applications folder. Or else, you can search for the icon using the Spotlight feature of Mac.

Step 2- Create a new Xcode project

As per the second step, create a new Xcode project by clicking on the “Create a new Xcode project’ button placed on the ‘Welcome to Xcode’ screen. Yet another way of creating a new Xcode project is using the File-> New-> Project …. options available within the Menu bar.

Step 3- Build a Single View iOS application


Start off by creating a single screen iOS app using the existing project templates provided within Xcode. For this, go to the top left corner of the dialog-> iOS-> Applications-> Single View Application.

Step 4- Tweak your Xcode project options

You’ll need to pick a few settings for creating your very first iPhone/iPad app. These settings can later be modified to suit the Xcode project’s requirements. Here’s a list of few vital components of the Xcode project that you can tweak as per your needs:


  • Product Name– This refers to the name of the app that you intend to create.


  • Organization Name– This refers to the name of your company or your own name; under which the app will get featured on different app stores.


  • Organization Identifier– This represents a unique text string that can be set for your company’s official website. For example, you can choose the reverse DNS technique as per which you can use a website with name: by flipping it to create a text string i.e. com.ABS.


  • Language– Here, you can choose to create the apps using Swift or Objective-C programming language.


  • Devices– Here, you’ll be required to choose the devices that would be able to run the app that you are planning to create. You can choose from the options viz: iPhone, iPad or Universal. The ‘Universal’ option allows you to target both the iPhone as well as iPad devices.

After making the above preferences, click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next page.


Step 5- Save the created Xcode project


As the last step, you’ll need to save the project folder on your Mac. For this, simply go to Desktop-> Click New Folder-> Type Projects-> Create. Now, create ample number of Xcode project folders and keep them at one place for organizing your work. You can choose to keep the ‘Create Git Repository’ option un-checked if this is your very first Xcode project.


Wrapping Up

So with that it’s a wrap on this post that made you familiar with the steps that are involved in using Xcode6 on your Mac computer system. Hope by now you’d have got a brilliant insight into making the best use of Xcode 6 for building iPhone and iPad apps that can feature amongst the best smartphone apps available in the world of smartphones. – one of the leading Application Development Companies


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