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ADSL vs Cable internet

What sort of things determine the speed of ADSL and cable?

You may have a choice between getting your Internet via ADSL or via cable, so you’ll want to know what is going to affect the connectivity speeds you can achieve. There are different factors which can have an effect depending on which provision you decide on.

The speed of your Internet is important, especially if you watch video or play video games on line. It can be really irritating if your speed is slow, and costly if you use the Internet for work purposes. So what can have an effect on the level of connectivity speed you can achieve?

What is ADSL, and what can affect its speed?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, or ADSL, allows you to have access to phone, fax and Internet simultaneously, as different signals can travel down the same line. The name alludes to the fact that connection speeds differ spending on whether you are downloading or uploading; the download speed is always significantly faster.

For normal Internet use this doesn’t present a problem as the vast majority of the time you will be downloading data. The speed of ADSL is often determined by how close your location is to the location of the central wiring; the closer you are, the faster your Internet connection is.

How does cable differ from ADSL?

If you are subscribing to a cable provider you will be paying for a certain speed of connection. You can chose a basic package, or you can choose to invest on upgrading so that you attain a higher speed of connectivity. It should be noted that even enhanced speeds can be adversely affected by external factors.

If you are accessing the Internet in an area where a lot of other cable users are also accessing at the same time this is going to reduce the speed you can achieve. It can often be a case of needing to be patient at times of high traffic. You can learn more about the NBN rollout in Tasmania on the iINet blog.

If you’re having problems with the speed of your cable Internet, it’s a good idea to check your modem. If a modem is old then this can cause problems. You need to establish if your modem is compatible with any updates that you need to make. If it isn’t, then you need to take action to remedy the situation. The only way to do this is to replace the modem with a new one. There are two options available to enable you to do this; you can either purchase a modem yourself, or hire one from your service provider.

ADSL and cable can both provide an excellent Internet service but, for both, this service can be reduced by external factors. If you have ADSL, and you live a long distance away from the main center, then you aren’t going to achieve the best speeds. If you have cable, and there is a lot of cable traffic in the area where you live then speeds can be significantly slower at times when a high number of users are attempting to access the Internet.


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