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How to install OpenMEAP

To install OpenMEAP -Download OpenMEAP installer from http://www.openmeap. com/products/download/ based on the operating system you are using. The installer requires the Mac OS X 10.6+ 64 bits or Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or any Linux distribution.

What is OpenMEAP
OpenMEAP and Cloud Computing

Here is a list of OpenMEAP pre-requisites/software requirements:

ƒƒEclipse IDE for Java EE developers (Windows or Mac)
ƒƒWindows Phone 8 SDK (Win 8)
ƒƒAndroid SDK (Windows or Mac)
ƒƒXcode 4.2+ (Mac)
ƒƒApache Tomcat 7.0
ƒƒApache IvyDE
ƒƒApache Ant 1.8+
ƒƒJava JDK 1.6+
One of the most promising advantages of using OpenMEAP is the flexibility to deploy it in the cloud environment—either hosted or in an on-premise environment, based on existing business strategies.

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