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OpenMEAP and Cloud Computing

One of the most promising advantages of using OpenMEAP is the flexibility to deploy it in the cloud, hosted or in on-premise environment based on existing business strategy.

What is OpenMEAP
How to install OpenMEAP


OpenMEAP 1.4.5 version is available on AWS marketplace. It is available on Base Operating System Linux/Unix and Amazon Linux 2012.03.3 as 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI). AMI is an encrypted machine image of a specific virtual machine. It contains a base OS, a set of applications and services for achieving a specific purpose with specific configuration. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the Public Cloud Service provider that provides computing environment for running instances of an AMI in a pay as you go manner. Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS services are required to run open source OpenMEAP. There are multiple OpenMEAP bundles available on AWS marketplace such as OpenMEAP – Small Business Support Bundle [RedHat], OpenMEAP – Enterprise Support Bundle [Amazon Linux], OpenMEAP – Enterprise Support Bundle [RedHat], OpenMEAP -Developer Support Bundle [Amazon Linux], OpenMEAP – Small Business Support Bundle [Amazon Linux], OpenMEAP – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform [Amazon Linux], OpenMEAP – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform [RedHat], and OpenMEAP –Developer Support Bundle [RedHat]

  • Visit AWS Marketplace to access OpenMEAP bundle
  • Select an OpenMEAP version from AWS Marketplace to deploy
  • Configure for AWS server setup
  • Configure firewall rules for http, https, ssh
  • Start the OpenMEAP Virtual machine on AWS
  • Login with admin account OpenMEAP
  • Connect to ec2 instance with SSH instance for any other required configuration or modifications

OpenMEAP on OpenShift

Following are some abstract level steps for the installation of OpenMEAP on OpenShift:

  • Create an account on and namespace; install Git, Ruby
  • Install rhc client tools
    • sudo gem install rhc
  • Create an application
    • rhc app create -a openmeap -t jbossews-2.0 –from-code git://
  • Start the server
    • rhc app start -a openmeap
  • Checkout your OpenMEAP install
  • Update Global Settings and Cluster Nodes
  • Build the mobile clients

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