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Security Issues With Cloud Computing

One of the latest improvements in information technology is cloud computing. It has become an excellent way of delivering computing services. It is a very convenient service especially with its pay per use concept. Up to this far the benefits of online data backup services are far more than the disadvantages. However, the greatest threat to cloud computing is security. The service provider needs to practice a very high level of security and maintain assurance.

security issues with cloud computingThe sensitivity of data is the one that determines the variety of risks that needs to be addressed before settling for cloud computing as the solution for computing needs. The various security risks involved include;

  • Data protection- allowing somebody else to handle your data is a very delicate issue. Data protection is one of the worst threats as far as this service is concerned. The person entrusted to handle the data should handle it lawfully, with data security certification and proper compliance.
  • Loosing of governance rights- a gap emerges when one looses their rights over their data. This leads someone losing their important information, and also may lead to their data being exposed to other parties.
  • Migration- after signing up with a certain vendor, it becomes very difficult to migrate to another vendor. This is because the vendors introduce a lot of complexity and huge switching costs- which is intentional so that the client can choose to remain.
  • Data availability- sometimes, the 99.9% uptime guarantee is not met due to issues like outages. This can lead to huge data loss and disruption of business processes especially if the company in question is not competent enough.
  • Failure of isolation mechanism- one of the characteristics of cloud computing is sharing of resources. When the mechanism that separates the different contents fails, one person information may get into another person’s hands thereby posing a privacy risks
  • Encryption-poor encryption during data transfer may prove fatal especially when hackers on the other end are sitting set to get their way into the firewall. This is one of the worst things for any computer user.
  • Lack of customer audits- some cloud computing service providers do not allow audits. This means there is no evidence that the vendor has complied with the relevant requirements.
  • Data loss and backup- this is a reason that make cloud migration a very difficult task. When trying to migrate some data may get lost. Remember that data was kept on the cloud because of its importance, so losing it can be very damaging.
  • Human threat- this occurs rarely but it can also be an avenue for privacy risk and data leak.

Cloud computing is being embraced more and more each day. For this reason, security has become a very major concern for computer users intending to rely in this service for their strategies and processes. Above are examples of security problems that come along with this type of data backup services. In conclusion, cloud security implies a set of rules, technologies and policies introduced to protect data, associated infrastructure for cloud computing and applications.


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