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Break up with PBX for the Cloud – Your Office will Thank you

PBX for the Cloud-If you own a small to medium-sized business, you might feel anxious about the prospect of changing up any of your major office technologies – and for that reason, you might still be using PBX phone systems. One of the important things to recognize about owning a business in 2015, though, is that it’s important to stay “with the times.” There’s a reason people abandon their old systems for newer ones: they’re better and more efficient. Nearly every small business can benefit from a change that takes some of the weight off the shoulders of their IT teams and make menial tasks easier for all employees, and cloud phone systems allow you to do exactly that.

The cloud cuts down on equipment.
One way that cloud phone systems can simplify your office is by clearing up some wires and reducing the amount of necessary equipment. Buying new phones can get expensive – not to mention annoying – especially if your company grows at a rapid rate. With cloud phone systems, you get the consolidation and outsourced management that would typically only be within reach for a larger-scale company. Providers will typically provide all the necessary equipment, and give you the access to add or remove phone lines at will online. They’ll also offer you a consultant that can help you troubleshoot any problems and walk you through different features. It feels luxurious compared to PBX systems, and your IT team will love that you saved them the headache.

The cloud offers endless features.
When it comes to what cloud phone systems can do, no alternative can even compare. Here are a few examples of what you get when you transfer to the cloud:

  • Mobile twinning – have your desk phone and mobile phone ring simultaneously so you’re always available, even when not at your desk. You can easily change where your number is directed to from your personal settings.
  • Retrieve voicemail from anywhere – whether it’s your desk phone, your mobile phone, an app on your computer, or even transcribed e-mails.
  • Integrated notifications – get a popup on any device you choose when you’ve got an appointment approaching, a new e-mail, a new voicemail, a conference invite, and more.
  • Call re-routing – have someone take over your phone while you’re on break.
  • Digital receptionist – quick and accurate call directing so customers never have to wait.

These are just a few of the available features; the list goes on and on. These are just a few examples that demonstrate the leaps and bounds of improvement that are in store for your company when you make the switch.

When you use the cloud, it’s no sweat.
Worried about power outages during hurricane season or not being able to get to work due to a blizzard? The cloud relieves you of all those worries because your phone lines are accessible from anywhere. Simply log on through the mobile app on a work from home day, or make a few calls on the café’s WiFi when the power goes out. Even if you’re in another country, you can make calls through computer apps and WiFi with no added costs. No more long distance bills, no more stress about vacations, and no more missed revenue due to big storms.

Emily Swartz – As the Social Community Manager at Broadview Networks, I enjoy sharing valuable content across all our social platforms. I particularly love writing for our blog because it gives me the opportunity to share tangible advice on how businesses can leverage technology to gain competitive advantages, control costs, provide superior service, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Find me on Google+.


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