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The Importance of Mobile Terminal Emulator Applications

There is no denying that today’s world is based around mobile applications. No matter where you turn, another app seems to pop up that can help you with a myriad of daily activities. While consumer apps are great, mobile applications that are designed specifically for businesses are even more important. One area that is important for your business is a mobile terminal emulator application. If you need access to IBM I (TN5250) or System z (TN3270), Mobile TE can provide terminal emulation on any device, including those running Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad operating systems. If you are unsure whether your organization can benefit from a mobile terminal emulator, keep reading to find out just how important this application can be for your business.

Streamlined Business Processes

Most businesses have employees that are on the go throughout the workday, meaning they are away from desktop terminals that provide access to the terminal emulator. For these employees, providing mobile access to mainframe applications can eliminate the unnecessary travel and phone calls needed to access business applications. Instead, the mobile terminal emulator allows for instance access from any mobile device or computer, providing streamlined business processes that add up to faster service, less downtime, and increased customer satisfaction.

Protection of Existing Technology

Mobile applications allow businesses to extend their mainframe applications to mobile devices in a way that allows for the same usage provided by thin client terminals, but backed by the processing power of the device. This allows for enhanced utilization of the host applications, without requiring any modifications that could prove costly or time-consuming.

Increased Productivity

Mobile terminal emulators allow workers to access the needed host applications no matter where they are, or what might be going on around them. This means that weather, traffic, and other time eaters are no longer an issue. Instead, your workers can access the host via their mobile device. This allows real-time interaction and access to information, which increases productivity – especially when mobile devices are always at the ready.

Mobile TE

Mobile TE is a clientless, three-tier solution that allows access through a single, centralized server. Any mobile device that has a browser will display the interface properly, based on your configurations. These configurations provide full customization with HTML and CSS, allowing those utilizing mobile access to use the same host applications on their devices, eliminating unnecessary confusion and the need for further training. You will also be able to fully customize the keyboard behavior for all users using JavaScript to ensure that all users know how to use the Mobile TE interface on any device they choose.

System Requirements

The Mobile TE mobile terminal emulator has very few requirements for the client or server. All clients really need is an Internet connection and any web browser. It works with a variety of browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The mobile application also works with any operating system, as it works independently.

The server requirements are also minimal:

  • Windows Server 2003 or later
  • .Net Framework 2.0 or later
  • 128 MB of memory
  • TN3270 or TN5250 server TCP/IP connection
  • Ample memory and resources to support the required number of active sessions for your business

How It Works

Use of the mobile terminal emulator follows an easy, six step process:

  • The mobile device accesses the Mobile TE Server.
  • Once accessed, a secure host session is initiated by Mobile TE.
  • The connected host sends the mobile terminal emulator screen directly to the client, or to the Mobile TE Server.
  • The host screen is converted to HTML, and transmitted to the mobile device.
  • Once received, the mobile user inputs their required data.
  • Every time a user sends HTML data, it is sent to the Mobile TE Server, converted to HTML, and sent back to the host. The host then sends the information back to the mobile terminal emulator.

All of this is completed with additional LDAP/AD integration for added authentication levels, ensuring the security of your information at every access point.

Advantages of Using Mobile TE

Mobile TE provides a wealth of benefits for mobile terminal emulator users and clients. One of the most important is that there is no need to download or install additional software components, which eliminates the need for end-user support. This mobile application does not require the use of app stores, which ensures full security compliance, and guarantees you will never have to deal with consumer ads or other consumer-oriented issues.

This mobile terminal emulator is configured and handled from a centralized server that uses connectionless HTTP/HTTPS protocol. This provides the client with greater control, no matter how many devices are used to access the host. Additionally, this protocol also protects against many common satellite and cellular network issues to keep your mobile application running when you need it.

When you need to add additional licenses, this is also done through the central server, and you are only required to pay for individual users. This eliminates the costs associated with pay per installation options, providing you with a cost effective, affordable mobile terminal emulator solution.

Getting Started

The ability to incorporate mobile terminal emulators into your current business processes is paramount to ensuring further growth and integration in a mobile world. However, this is a major step that you need to fully understand before you make the commitment to buy. This is why we offer trials and online test-drives for those who are interested in seeing just how important a mobile terminal emulator application is for their business. You will have full access during your evaluation period, and full product support. This will allow you to make your decision after careful consideration and evaluation of the benefits provided by Mobile TE.

Once you have evaluated the entire product, you will be able to see the importance of mobile terminal emulators. After seeing the streamlined processes, enhanced customer service, and increased productivity, we are sure you will appreciate just what Mobile TE can provide for your business. If you have any questions, or want more information, please feel free to contact us.




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