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Major Features in Cloud Storage

Major Features in Cloud Storage helps to Hold Your Information at Your Fingertips

Utilizing cloud storage holds many advantages. Since the creation of this Internet based technology, the way individuals and organizations store data has been completely revolutionized. Now, instead of placing files and other data on local servers, hard drives, and many other problematic options, the same data can be stored on a cloud. There, the information becomes stored on a network of online servers which function as a whole, providing users constant and reliable access from any place and at any time.

Cloud storage is especially valuable when it comes to data backup. Using several important features offered by cloud services, any backup procedure can become both easier and more secure. The same backup is then available constantly to the user. If mobile devices are used with a cloud storage service, this information can be accessed with a touch of a finger. This fact alone is a testament to the powerful cloud storage abilities and advantages of using it. But, there are several others which are equally important. Here are the major features in cloud storage that can prove very useful.

Automatic Backups

During a regular data backup process, the users are tasked with producing copies of any important material. This can often lead to people forgetting to make backup copies, or losing them in the process. With cloud storage, all files are automatically mirrored on a cloud server, and all the changes to them are mirrored as well. This means that the cloud system provides a full automatic backup system.

File Archiving

Like data backup, a cloud system is very useful for archiving old files. If these are achieved on local servers, these filers continue to take up space and cause other problems. By storing them on a cloud, the users open up space for more pressing work, while the archived files remain safe and secure.

Contribute Unused Space

With cloud storage, it is also possible to allocate unused space on a user’s device to the cloud system. With this option, many providers offer advantages like free cloud storage. In this case, for every GB of empty space that users contribute, they receive 2 GB free storage.

Remote Access

Every cloud system is located on servers that are continuously present online. This means that the users also access their date through the Internet, either via their browsers, locally installed applications or apps on mobile devices. All of these remote features offer an unparalleled level of remote access to all cloud storage data.

Synchronize Devices

With cloud storage, users can stop worrying if their data and information had been saved. Cloud service includes synchronization which presents a process of copying and updating all relevant data to the cloud. This means that every piece of information gets saved and is immediately present on any other device that uses the same cloud storage account. Using this feature, users will not have to ever again save files to their flash memory sticks or email themselves important documents.

File Security & Sharing

Cloud storage is equally capable of providing a high level of file security and, at the same time, also making sure that this data can be easily shared. This is achieved with a sophisticated safety measures which do not hamper the end user experience. Because of that, files can be simply sent to others or shared with them. This means that any piece of information, even crucial data backup, can be completely safe and still easily available to all those who need them.

All these features showcase that cloud storage is a great system for having any data available in a safe, reliable and flexible manner.

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., an open & unified storage and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localized and authorizedĀ  IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest.


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