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Understanding The Comparison Between WordPress Multisite and WordPress Installations

Understanding The Comparison Between WordPress Multisite and WordPress Installations

Many of us who are writing blogs for quite a while at some point of time might have wished to start yet another blogging website- may be same or the one which is entirely different from the one already running. It’s good to try new things and if you are a WordPress user, luckily you can implement those things quite effectively by starting WordPress multisite.

For example- we started xyz website which focuses on topics such as entertainment and leisure, but then long after we started another website, which deals in all the tech or education related stuff. And after some time we kicked off another website, which shares topics related to personal development.

What did you notice here? The websites are multiplying.

So, What’s the Problem Here?

Not really, creating multiple websites is not at all an idea to feel regret about. In fact, website multisite development is great as you are expanding your reach and capabilities. However, the only thing for which you need to be concerned about is how to manage all of them optimally. How you are going to balance your time and efforts between these sites?

WordPress multisite has thus been the decisive answer to such concerns. Using this setting, one can instantly create and manage several websites using the same user name and password. You can even allow other users to sign up and manage a website on their own.

You can easily host multiple independent websites from a single installation. Despite of having an independent network for each website, they in many ways share common settings, options, plugins, code, and content.

Why To Use Multisite?

Multisite is a great option for the organizations who own multiple websites. It’s a perfect choice for those who work as freelancers to provide hosting or maintenance service to their clients or provide services to the colleges, schools, or organizations who are need of centralized management of their websites.

Managing multisites with a single installation allows you update the code, plugins, and themes quickly and efficiently. You have the power to share common functionalities across multiple websites with the help of network plugins and other designing elements across multiple websites via a parent theme.

An Overview of the Benefits of Multisites Over Standalone Sites

1.Using multisite it becomes much easy for the site admin to do and keep a track of all the websites via a single dashboard. Also, handling and upgrading plugins, themes is a breeze. There is only one backup needs to be maintained, which makes it easier for you to manage websites quickly.

  1. Users can also access any specific website with the same account. Also, the information of one website can be rendered differently from the other. It can also be shared among them.
  1. It’s quite easy for the admins to share theme functionalities and its related settings across multiple websites. Functions could either be shared via parent-child theme relationship or a functionality plugin.
  1. Since, all the websites are managed using the common server, it could add to the loading time of your website. However, you can overcome this issue by paying more attention on the optimization of your website to make it fast and reliable.
  1. Customizations made could also be easily distributed across these sites in a very less time, which ultimately cuts down the costs associated with overheads and maintenance.
  1. Quick access to a variety of blogs is extremely convenient. It’s super easy to manage blogs from one control panel. It is one of the biggest advantages of using multisite as you are free from the headache of uploading new installation of WordPress for each and every website.
  1. For the administrator of multisites, one WordPress update is applicable to all the sites, and the same is applicable for plugins as well. On the contrary, the administrator of multiple standalone sites has to maintain each site separately. And the process of updating these sites are quite burdensome.
  1. Also, it is much easy to maintain backup because multisite setting is a single SQL database. You only need to create a common backup for all your websites. Also, it is not essential to keep a backup folder for all the websites.

So, Do Really You Need To Be Cautious About Using Multisite?

Yes, a bit because maintaining multisite is not as simple as running a regular WordPress installation. As much as you love the one-click installation option, you actually need someone really experienced who can set up a multisite and guide you how to deploy it efficiently.

You also need to opt for a more robust hosting solution as compared to the general one. While you don’t need a regular server but the one which is better than that.

Also, not all plugins work equally on WordPress multisite installation. Some of the plugins are not compatible to work in such environment, thus forcing developers to find alternatives.

Further, loading themes and plugins is easy but not as easy as it is in a standalone WordPress site. You need to load the plugin first at the root directory and then activate them in the child theme.

A developer working on a multisite has to be mindful about even a slightest of change because it could affect more the one site, therefore steps should be taken to avoid it.

Lastly, you need to be bit careful about deciding who could act like a super administrator and can make updates across websites. In fact, there are also occasions where we start modifying the wrong website since they all reside in the common server and operated via dashboard.

Tools To Manage WordPress Multisite

Running a multisite website is a tricky option. Site owners should consider the needs of their project and future plans before deciding which way you to go- multisite or a complete standalone site.

Manage WP

Manage WP is a popular and reliable WP service which gives you everything you need to handle multiple websites. It helps you update your website, plugins and theme easily.

  1. Infinite WP

Manage multiple website with ease using Infinite WP. This self-hosted WordPress management platform helps you perform a variety of tasks with just a simple click of a button.


Hopefully, you have now gained a pretty good idea about leveraging the benefits of WordPress multisite and how it can be managed effectively.

Edward Jones is a WordPress developer who keeps sharing his experience through his insightful blogs. If you need to hire wordpress web developer then simply get in touch with Edward via Twitter and Google+. Currently, he is employed with OSSMedia Ltd.- A Web Development Company. He holds an impressive amount of expertise in major CMS platforms including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Magento. You can go through his write-ups for gathering a greater insight into the popular CMSs available today.


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