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Biz Talk Server – Enabling Maximum Interoperability for a Business

Understanding Biz Talk Server

Biz Talk Server is an ESB (enterprise service bus) developed by Microsoft to provide various business functionalities. It is a Microsoft registered trademark that acts as the central platform for business process management (BPM) and enterprise application integration. Additionally, Biz Talk Server embodies the automation and integration of Web services and XML technologies. Generally, Biz Talk Server provides the following functionalities to business enterprises;

  • Business-to-business communication ability
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Business process automation

Biz Talk Server functions as a multi-transport hub used for document transformations and messages and also as the process execution engine. As a System Product for Windows Server, Biz Talk Server helps businesses to effectively and efficiently integrate the business systems, their trading partners and the employees. Biz Talk server consists of various features that have the ability to define different business document specifications and provides functionalities on how the documents can be transformed when they are passed between various applications. The server has enabled receiving and sending of documents across the internet by providing a standard gateway. Additionally, the Biz Talk Server provides a range of services to ensure secure data delivery and integrity. It has the ability to handle business transactions running for long periods of time like months and weeks both between businesses and within business enterprises.

Biz Talk Server Orchestration Services

Biz Talk Server allows business organizations and enterprises to reduce the complexity of the business applications through abstraction of the business software components into process orchestrations. The Biz Talk Server orchestration services enables enterprises to effectively define business processes used to create messages and then implement them through use of highly integrated graphical environment. All the processes defined through this orchestration services from the Biz Talk Server are beneficial to business enterprises because they are easy to modify in case of any business changes hence ensuring agility to response to the necessary business changes.

Biz Talk Messaging Services

Biz Talk Server provides businesses with messaging services enabling them to send and receive business documents reliably and securely either within the business or between business partners outside the enterprise. Examples of such documents are purchase orders which are sent to suppliers or a price quote which is sent to multiple suppliers of the same product for the purpose of selecting the lowest bidder.

BizTalk Integration Solution

Most of the business processes in the contemporary world involve receiving and sending of documents and then applying the business rules to the processes. Therefore, Biz Talk Orchestration services and the Biz Talk Messaging services are designed in such a way that enables them to work together and enable businesses to create integrated solutions.

Biz Talk Server 2013

Biz talk Server 2013 has new features which are beneficial to business transactions. The version provides numerous improvements. The benefits of the improvements include;

  • Improved performance in all the functionalities regarding business processes and transactions
  • Connection to the internet/cloud- the server has abilities to connect to the internet and since many business transactions take place over the internet the Biz Talk Server 2013 is very beneficial to business enterprises in the current business world.
  • Simplified management and development – the version has feature easy to manage within businesses.

Due to its capabilities and functionalities which enable maximum interoperability between and within businesses and business organizations, Biz Talk Server has become the most trusted and installed integration server in the current business world.

Anthony Marion is the business development manager at LogicalTech SysTalk, the largest dedicated BizTalk consultancy and provider of Enterprise Architecture solutions based in Melbourne, Australia.”


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