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10 Gesture Icons you’ll love using for designing a stunning multi-touch interface

An icon is considered an indispensable component of every web/mobile application. The strategy followed for designing the icon of a web application is quite different from the one chosen for building an app icon that needs to target mobile visitors/users. It is here that the role of gesture icon sets comes to play. These gesture icons help you design, develop, implement and promote multi-touch interfaces in the right format. Based on commonly-known touchscreen interactions such as Drag, Hold/Press, Pinch, Slide, Swipe etc., these gesture icons serve as the right means for guiding the users through the application. The sole purpose of writing this post is to make you familiar with ten of the best gesture icons that will enable you to design a professional tour guide for your application. So, let’s get a clearer idea about these stunning gesture icons.

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  1. Gesturecons

Gesturecons are vector-based icons which allow you to create wireframe documents, printed documentation and digital help files for your application. In addition to this, you can use gesturecons for demonstrating app users the way in which they can complete a specific set of actions. Best features of gesturecons is that they are fully scalable and alterable. Plus, they are available in a variety of file formats including .pdf, .eps and .ai.

  1. Cue

Image 2

Cue is basically a set of icons which aid in creation of standard visual language of the multi-touch interactions. Currently, Cue is available in four file formats including SVG, PNG(four different sizes), InDesign and Omnigraffle. Each gesture available under the hood of Cue has been created with a special focus on legibility and symbolic representation.

  1. Touch Gesture Icons

Touch Gesture Icons are a set of 30 popular gesture icons specially designed for multi-touch devices. Whether you’re looking for icons for your personal projects or ones related to your business; you’ll definitely find a best match out of these 30 gesture icons. And that’s not all, the Touch Gesture Icon set is available in file formats including PSD, EPS and PNG(in five different sizes viz: 48px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px).

  1. Gesty

Image 3

Gesty serves as a set of vector gesture icons which allow UI/UX designers and manual publishers in designing excellent multi-touch interfaces. All gesture icons available under Gesty come in three different styles, some impressive combinations and in popular file formats such as EPS, SPG, Omnigraffle. To top it all, the recently released version of Gesty i.e. 1.1 comes with added annexure libraries, offering you multiple possibilities for creating stunning muti-touch interfaces.

  1. Precomposed Touch Gestures

Precomposed Touch gestures are basic touch-device gestures available in a well organized zip file. You can use these gestures in your presentations and product demos. By default, the Precomposed Touch Gestures are available as raw Quicktime animations and hence they are fully compatible with your Photoshop(image editing tool) and video editor.

  1. Hawcons Gesture Stroke

Image 4

Hawcons houses a wide collection of awesome gesture icons available in file formats including PNG, SVG, EPS, PDF, MP3, MP4, JPG, PSD and many more. Created by a young enthusiast Yannick Lung, Hawcons has over 500 free high quality icons which are fully customizable and retina-ready.

  1. IxD Gestures

IxD gestures serves as a set of gesture icons that aid in designing multi-touch interfaces for apps that need to please different categories of target users. With IxD gestures, you’ll get icons for free gestures, touchscreen interaction nand mobile phone gestures.

  1. Multi-Touch Gesture Icons

This is a set of gesture icons where each icon is available in a file size of 300x350px. The best thing about these gesture icons is that they are completely free to download and use.

  1. Tactile Gesture Icons

Image 5

Tactile Gesture icons include a set of 10 gesture icons specially designed to be used for tactile UI(User Interface) design projects. Created by Centis Menant, Tactile Gesture Icons are available in a variety of file formats.

  1. UX Gesture PSD

UX Gesture PSD is a brilliant collection of gesture icons created by Gaoyoungor. The best thing about these gesture icons is that they are free from any licensing fee and can be downloaded and used rightaway.

Summing Up

Now that you know about ten of the finest gesture icons available for multi-touch interface designing, I’m sure you’d definitely give them a try in your upcoming UX/UI design projects.

Rick Brown is a highly skilled iPhone mobile application developer for Mobiers Ltd – a iOS apps development company. You can consult him in order to avail information or to explore more about the development process.


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