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Seagate Personal Cloud – private storage cloud for your business

Seagate Personal Cloud-The smaller business traditionally has less available capital for the purchase and maintenance of high capacity storage servers. Consequently, they often struggle to store all the data they need in an organized or secure method. This is where the cloud comes in. The system is simply an online (internet based) storage server that makes sure your information is maintained safe up in the cloud, on a private server.

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Types of cloud storage systems

There are two main types of cloud storage systems – private and public. A public cloud is something that many of us use without even associating it as a cloud – Dropbox and Google Drive are two very common examples of this. In layman’s terms, your files, or data, are stored on internet servers and are available from any computer, via secure passwords. The purpose of these public clouds is usually to share documents and pool available resources. As a rule, companies and individuals have very little control over these clouds or how the data is stored.

A private cloud works via a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, basically a piece of hardware attached directly to your companies Ethernet. It can be treated as a drive by any employee who has access, they can save files, read or edit files and even enable printer sharing. Unlike a computer the NAS has a very simple operating system, linked with a private internet based storage space making files available anywhere in the world.

Cost Savings

The Seagate Private cloud offers huge advantages over an in-house system. Alongside the   sizeable cost of purchasing and installing dedicated storage servers, there are the set up costs for integrating this with your network and connecting each and every computer to this storage. There are also back-ups to be dealt with, at least one per day to be kept off-site – in case of a catastrophic failure of systems. A Seagate NAS system, combined with the ability to back up directly to your own private cloud is far cheaper and safer.










Why Seagate?

Seagate have been a part of the computer industry for a very long time and have an excellent reputation when it comes to storage solutions. They deal with all the security issues and offer full support, whether you are just using a NAS box onsite or dealing directly with the Seagate Private Cloud. Seagate are also very flexible; adopting a helping hand type approach. They recognise that financial restraints may prevent a company from purchasing the idea solution – a private cloud and they will assist in devising the most suitable method for the funds available.

Seagate offer a complete package.

Seagate Private cloud, at first, may seem like a fairly expensive option in comparison to some of the other NAS systems , but you do need to do your research and be aware that the Seagate products come with drives as well as the necessary memory, something that not all other NAS systems offer. Seagate claims you can set up your own private cloud in ten minutes, whilst this may be the case for one computer linking to a new private cloud; it will take slightly longer to link a business network.

It should be possible to link several computers, a tablet and a phone or two to a Seagate private cloud within approximately one hour. Seagate have made it fairly simple to set up your own private cloud, provided you have an understanding of certain basic concepts. Volumes need to be created first, followed by assigning sharing rights to different user groups, and finally, the users will need to be created. An understanding of your firewall is also important as parts may need adjusting to allow your system to talk to the Seagate Private cloud.

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Seagate have automated many of the processes involved in setting up a private cloud and will, without doubt, be improving this as time moves on. When it comes to secure data storage online it is far better to go with a well established and respected company. Companies today should opt for private cloud storage to keep their data safe. Seagate offers the best possible services on the market; they’re dedicated and they have the tools to make sure that your information is maintained 100% safe up in the cloud.

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